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Sustainable Edinburgh Houses: Dunedin Housing Canmore Association Housing

Sustainable Edinburgh Houses design by Assist Architects, Scotland, UK.

post updated 24 October 2023

Design: Assist Architects

Client: Dunedin Housing Canmore Association

Location: n/a

Sustainable Edinburgh Houses Sustainable Edinburgh Houses Sustainable Houses Sustainable Scottish Houses

Sustainable Housing Development

Eco Homes Information from ASSIST Architects Apr 07:

Assist Architects have recently completed a 37-unit development of sustainable houses and flats for rent for Dunedin Housing Canmore Association. The design features biodiversity enhancing Sedum roofs and Siberian untreated Larch cladding.

The sedum fulfils two roles, minimising the impact of the development on the immediate landscape but also reducing rainwater runoff as part of a sustainable urban drainage initiative. The Siberian Larch heartwood product, supplied by Russwood, was chosen over home grown Larch because the colder climate in Siberia produces a much denser wood, rich in lignum and resin to give it excellent durability and resistance. The timber will weather to a silvery grey colour with no anticipated maintenance requirements.

The project was achieved through detailed local authority consultation, community consultation and tenant participation, with the Design Team, including Hart Builders, working together under a partnering agreement to be continued for future phases.

Sustainable Edinburgh houses: images / information from ASSIST Architects 130407

Hyvot Phase 2
Architect: Assist Architects
Contractor: Hart Builders
78 flats & houses for rent
Expected completion in phases from Feb – Jul 2007

ASSIST Architects : Dumbeg Homes, Edinburgh

Edinburgh housing – Dunedin Housing Canmore Association

494 Gorgie Road
Architects: Hackland & Dore
Contractor: Hart Builders
16 flats for rent
May 2006-07

Oxgangs Phase 1
Architects: Patience & Highmore
Contractor: Lovell Partnerships Ltd
91 flats & houses for rent
Phased completion Jan-Oct 2007

Hyvot Phase 1
Architects: Gray Marshall & Associates
Contractor: Hart Builders
23 flats & houses for rent
Completion due Dec 2007

Sustainable Edinburgh Architecture: Slateford Green Housing, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Housing

Sustainable Architecture

Edinburgh Housing

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