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The cheapest way to heat a house

9 Jan 2020

There are many cost-effective and energy-efficient ways to heat up your house. You can choose the options to heat up your house in a cheaper way. As the electricity charges are rising every day, it is really important to keep the cost under control. In this way, following these tips may help one to heat up their house in a cheaper way.

The cheapest way to heat a house, Home Heating

The cheapest way to heat a house – heater guide

Use a space heater:

Firstly, you can use a space heater. You can keep this in the particular room you spend most of the time. Buy the space heater as per the size of your room.

As the central heating installation cost is high, you can go for the small space heater. It will not warm up your entire house but the cozy room that you need. When buying the space heater consider having a newer model or an energy-efficient one. The old models can consume a lot of electricity. Check whether the heater comes with a built-in thermostat or timer.


If you are using the old central heating unit, you can change the boiler of it only to heat up your home in a cheaper way. Compare the combi boiler prices and buy the one that suits your budget and at the same time enough efficient. Oil furnace and oil boiler are in the market for several years and it is better to go for a newer model that is cost-effective.

Insulated windows

Another cheaper way to heat up your home is by installing insulated windows or just replaces your old ones. By doing this, you will not only keep the hot air inside your home but also will increase the aesthetic value of your home. An insulated window is a low budget investment to keep your house warm.

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Wood burning

Using a wood furnace rather than the electric one is an old option but a cheaper way to keep your home warm during winter. You can heat up wood through the pellet-burning stove or wood just. This is the cheaper and most cost-effective traditional option.

Blinds opening

The next option is easier and cheaper too. Just open the blinds of your home during the day time. It will let the warmest sunlight to come in and will raise the temperature inside your house.


The cheapest way to heat up your home is by using hot water. You require a specific type of boiler system that heats up water and sends it to several radiators throughout your home.

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