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What is the difference between aluminium and steel doors?

2 Aug 2023

When you are upgrading your home or building a new one, you will face the question of which door material to use. Aluminium doors or steel doors? Which of these materials is better? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. The choice of door material depends on a number of factors that ought to be considered in order to ensure durability, safety and the appearance of the doors. Hopefully, this article will help you to make the right decision and choose the best door material for your home.

The Difference between Aluminium and Steel Doors

What are the advantages of aluminium doors?

Aluminium doors provide exceptional weather resistance and superior thermal and acoustic insulation. These features are especially important for homeowners whose properties are located near the coast (and therefore exposed to high humidity, strong winds and salt) and next to busy roads or city centres (and therefore, exposed to noise). Aluminium doors also offer excellent anti-burglary protection, preventing unauthorised and uninvited access to the building’s interior. And what about their lifespan and appearances?

Weather resistance together with high durability guarantees long lifespan of aluminium front doors. They stay reliable and aesthetically pleasing even decades after the purchase. Almost unlimited design options make such doors an excellent choice for both new builds and renovated houses.

What are the benefits of steel doors?

Steel doors are highly appreciated by homeowners. They are a secure and efficient alternative to more traditional materials, offering many benefits. What are the biggest advantages of steel doors?

Durability is for sure one of the most important ones. Steel doors offer superior strength, can withstand any weather conditions and won’t crack under pressure. The doors are also resistant to warping and rotting. Together with durability come energy-efficiency and security. Steel itself is an incredibly effective insulator. To improve the properties of steel doors, manufacturers fill them with insulating foam. The foam does not only prevent heat losses but also improves acoustic properties of the doors. As long as security is concerned, steel doors are more secure and safer than other types of doors. They owe these features to the strength and toughness of the material, which remains resistant to any attempts of breaking in. But what about their appearances?

Contrary to popular belief, steel doors are far from being old-fashioned. Steel composite doors come in different colours and styles and can easily complement the modern edge of your property.

difference between aluminium and steel doors

The main differences between aluminium and steel

In terms of weather resistance, aluminium offers far better qualities than raw steel. That makes aluminium doors a better choice for properties located in a rough climate of coastal regions. Aluminium doors are also lighter than those made of steel and, thus, easy to operate manually. The extra weight of steel may come as a disadvantage when the doors are big – the bigger they are, the more difficult it is to open them.

Although the advantages of aluminium seem to outweigh the benefits of steel, modern steel doors are very common and popular. The secret behind these phenomena is the technology of steel composite doors, which allows manufacturers to provide visually appealing, weather resistant and safe doors with very good technical parameters.

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