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Top High-Tech Hotels in the UK Guide

17 Nov 2021

There are all types of hotels that all think they offer their guests superior luxury. But there are just a few hotels that have stepped it up a notch and have created new technologically advanced hotels. This is due to guesting becoming accustomed to technology accelerating rapidly and therefore they expect the latest technology in top class hotels.

New features in hotels vary between mobile check-ins, smart lighting, in-room iPads, and augmented reality. Guests are even willing to pay more for improved in-room entertainment which for hotel owners is a great long-term investment.

Top high-tech hotels in the UK lobby design

Top High-Tech Hotels in the UK Guide – List of 4

While all these hotels may appear to be different on the inside the one thing, they all have in common is their hi-tech facilities. The hotels can be used for different types of guests as well. You could be thee on holiday or for business reasons. Businesses have used these venues for hosting technology related events or conferences. When it comes to satisfying the needs of their guests the hotels below have thrived tremendously.

Eccleston Square Hotel

Eccleston Square Hotel is tipped as the most high-tech hotel in London. With it being so high-tech it has deemed itself as an adults-only establishment and do not accept guests under the age of 13.

The hotel itself looks relatively historical on the outside but on the inside, it resembles elegance and high-quality technology. Every room has an ultra-modern hideaway with cutting-edge technology. If you speak to any trusted IT Support Company UK businesses use, they will be able to give recommendations on which tech is best for this kind of use.

The tech features on display includes easy-to-use touch sensitive keypads that control just about everything in the room. You can control the music, lighting, and personal in-room iPad. The showers come with smart glass walls that can turn from clear to frosted with just the touch of a button. There is also a flat screen TV that’s been hidden in the bathroom mirror while your smart phone also has its own docking station.

CitizenM Hotel in Tech City

If you are a tech lover then CitizenM Hotel located in Tech City, East London is your dream hotel. When getting to the hotel it may seem strange that there is no concierge and very little employees. Guests have to check themselves in and out by simple just touching a screen in the hotel lobby.

In each room of the hotel there is a personalized Samsung Galaxy Tablet that greets guests upon arrival. This tablet also controls just about everything in the room from the blinds to the lighting. Internet access is free and there is no password which means you and your loved ones can have movie nights via Netflix at no extra charge.

ME London

The ME London hotel is a 5-star hotel that is located in The Strand. It has the artistic and cultural heart of London city just short a distance from Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. The hotel is already the fifth one to be built by the Spanish hotel group Melia.

Have you ever travelled to a foreign country and get annoyed not having the correct adapter? Well, every room provides European and American adapters in an integrated digital media hub, answering machine via the TV, hands-free telephone, and the ability to control lighting and temperature of the room. Every electronic device is user friendly because you can control everything with just a touch of a button.

Marriott London Hotel in Kensington

In recent years Marriott Hotels have made a well renowned name for themselves globally. This is mainly due to their forward thinking and high-tech facilities. Just last year they launched their Mobile App which lets their guests check-in to their hotels in 19 countries around the world.

Top high-tech hotels in the UK bedroom design

The Marriott London Hotel in Kensington has just undergone a £1.3m renovation. This renovation meant that they installed new high-tech meetings and event spaces. If you have a business and would like to host extravagant meetings, then their spaces are perfect. It has a stylish design, natural light, flexible seating and wireless or web enabled technology enable planner. This helps the attendees focus specifically on the agenda of the meeting.

An awesome initiative for these meeting is making use of their Red Coat Direct app which enables the organizers to edit meeting requests without them having to actually leave the hotel meeting room.

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