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UK Guide on Self Storage Prices – Advice

20 Jan 2021

Storage units and self-storage facilities have provided an easy and affordable solution for most of the storage problems including lack of space – something that most UK residents have to face nowadays due to the increased rental prices.

While booking a storage unit sounds like a solution to most of the spatial problems you might be facing, you nonetheless have to make sure you are getting the unit for a fair price.

How do you do that? Well, we have compiled whatever information you might want to know about London self storage pricing or that of Local Storage Units or in any other place in the UK. Read this UK guide on self-storage prices to find the answers to your questions.

London UK Guide on self storage prices

How Much Does Self-Storage Cost on Average?

On an average, the rental cost of a self-storage unit in the UK is £23.11 per square foot per year, according to the data collected by the SSA’s (Self-Storage Association) annual industry report.

If you know basic mathematics, you would know how an average is calculated. The mean or average, is likely to be affected by the outliers in the data, which means any extremely low or high price of a unit will change the mean by a great amount.

The nice and easy figure of £23.11 per square foot per year, is prone to the same fluctuations. Moreover, it is a national average that does not take into account some important things.

hat are those things? Very simply put, the location of the unit, the VAT and insurance costs, and the amenities provided by your storage provider. This means that the price for a London self storage unit might differ drastically from a storage Brighton unit or a unit in the northern UK.

What Factors Affect the Price of a Storage Unit?

So, if the mean is not giving you any substantial knowledge on how much London self storage or storage Brighton or Hove costs, how will you make sure that your chosen unit isn’t expensive?

Well, for that, you need to know what exactly it is that affects the cost of London self storage, or of storage units in the UK in general. This will guide you on how the prices for self storage and storage units vary and how you can make a smart choice for yourself.

  • Location

The cost of storage units varies greatly across the UK. Typically, London self storage is more expensive than it is anywhere else in the southern part of the country.

Likewise, in the North, the prices are substantially lower. Not to forget that there can be variations between different locations within London as well. So, if you are under the impression that London self storage and storage Brighton cost the same, then you’re wrong.

  • Amenities

The price of a unit depends on the amenities and facilities included in the package by your storage provider. The more the amenities, the higher the price.

A weather-controlled unit will cost more than a normal one. Likewise, other facilities such as 24-hour access, drive-up access, packaging boxes, packing and pick-up service, electrical outlets within the unit, CCTV monitors, etc. add onto the cost of London self storage or to that of a unit elsewhere in the UK.

  • Size

Well, this is obvious. The more space you require, the more will be the cost for the unit. While a 15 square feet unit can cost £80.97, a 200 square feet one can be around £550.89.

So, the cost of the unit will depend on whether you need space equal to a small locker or a large warehouse type space. Commonly, the bigger the unit you get, the cheaper will be the price per square foot.

  • Packages and Discounts

Now this can depend on the length of your stay or even your luck. Some companies that provide self storage London, offer a 15% discount when you book a unit for more than six months.

Others might give discounts if you pay the rent in advance. Or, you might get your hands on an ongoing Christmas scheme or a student storage package. Some new customers can get a discount of up to 50% for the first few weeks of their stay, which can cut down on the cost substantially.

Are There Any Other Cheaper Alternatives for Self-storage?

Yes, there are options cheaper and even more feasible than London self storage or elsewhere in the UK. Some storage units, like those provided by Stored, might be considered as one.

How do they differ? When you go for a self-storage unit, you have to arrange a pickup van yourself. Basically, the transport and heavy lifting is your job to do. Contrary to this, a unit by Stored comes with a two-man team and van service that packs, loads, and transports your items to the unit.

Not only is this cheaper, it also allows you to be creative. We have already established that units in the South and specially London self storage costs more than units in the North.

You can get a unit basically anywhere firstly because, there is no need for you to physically visit the unit, and secondly, because they deliver your items right at your doorstep when you need them back.

We hope that our UK guide on self storage outlet prices helped answer all your questions.

Comments on this guide to UK Self Storage Prices article are welcome.

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