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Wallpapering Your Kitchen

7 July 2022

New vinyl wallpapers are revolutionising kitchens and bathrooms

We all know by now that wallpapers are back in fashion. It started trickling down and it turned into a waterfall that has turned the world of interior design around. One only has to leaf through a furniture magazine, take a walk downtown and look at the interiors of a trendy shop or simply turn on the television and watch a TV series to realise how this wall decoration is experiencing a second youth.

Wallpapering your kitchen guide

After having been a must for previous generations since the end of the 19th century, wallpaper seemed to have been abandoned when, at the beginning of this millennium, the minimalist emphasis dictated by Scandinavian furnishings and driven by a famous yellow and blue company dictated that all walls should be bare and white. If this style appealed to some, others, after a few years, became tired with the white sterility and homogeneity that this forced minimalism had imposed on society.

The need for colour and individuality led to the gradual abandonment of this approach, thus leading interior design towards the new, more colourful and varied phase and the return of wallpapers then as an essential element and to individualising walls. in this return, however, there have certainly been changes, for example in the way wallpapers are used, now no longer necessarily used on all four walls but more often designed for a single wall highlighted with a pattern of striking graphic motifs, as if it were a true work of art. As a matter of fact, quite a few of them actually are created by renowned artists and exposed in modern galleries.

This change is to be seen in the context of a technological renewal that has taken place in the sector. Technology has in fact made giant strides even in the world of interiors. Gone is the era of the old cellulose-based wallpapers with very conservative motifs like those we remember from our grandparents’ bedrooms, technological development has now brought new materials and printing techniques that allow intense colours, once unthinkable colour reproductions and three-dimensional tactile elements.

These innovations are not limited to the aesthetical field. New materials and the use of vinyl seals have also made it possible to bring to market a new generation of wallpapers that can be installed in wet environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms. This was once unthinkable, as humidity has always been the enemy of paper, and working environments such as kitchens require walls to be heat-resistant and cleanable. This is why classic tiles have always been used in front of cookers and worktops, precisely so that a sponge can be wiped over them when the inevitable splatter lands on them. The new vinyl-covered kitchen wallpapers offer the same resistance and flexibility as they are not afraid of water and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Picking the right wallpaper for your kitchen

Wallpapers are a one-of-a-kind tool when it comes to define an interior. They offer a variety of designs with incredible patterns that not only give depth and colour to the walls, but also create a truly personalised space in an often-sterile environment. One of the great advantages is that, when it comes time to renovate, there is no need to invest large sums of money in redesigning the kitchen, as the right design allows you to decorate beautifully in an innovative way, replacing monotonous and boring walls with motifs that suit this room.

In fact, there are plenty of motifs, some of which reproduce food, others imitate materials such as wood or tiles, or feature abstract elements. However, one must be careful which pattern one chooses, as not all are suitable for kitchens. Always pay close attention to the labels and details of the desired model, as it must guarantee that it is suitable for wet environments and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

It is always a good idea to opt to a specialised shop that sells a selection aimed at these wet areas to avoid unpleasant surprises and to get some useful tips on how to install it. Remember to follow the instructions on the label of the wallpaper roll and to purchase the right glue for the model you have picked. Make sure the walls are clean, even and dry before getting started on the wallpapering job.

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