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What to keep in mind when renovating a building?

7 Jan 2021

What to keep in mind while renovating a building

What Should You Keep in Mind While Renovating a Building?

Anyone who has been a homeowner for more than a year knows that constant renovations are necessary to keep a home in top shape and retain its value. But, renovations aren’t an easy task: you can overspend, you can install mismatching furniture, you might even harm the house’s structure and foundations due to myopic renovation processes, and much more.

This is why we decided to write this article. It is important to learn how to approach the renovation process and avoid the most common mistakes. Read on and ensure your renovations go smoothly, you won’t regret it!

#1 Renovations are Expensive, but They are Worth It

Renovations are extremely expensive and will cost a hefty sum, which is why most professionals recommend doing a complete overhaul and a complete renovation once every few years as most people can’t afford to do it every year. This doesn’t mean that renovations aren’t worth it or shouldn’t happen. In fact, if you time it correctly, it might even earn you money.

Renovations not only protect the foundations of your home and renew its foundations, but it also makes it more attractive, comfier, and more appealing. Whether you live in it yourself, are looking to sell it, or want to rent it, you’ll glean some advantages from a thorough renovation.

#2 Renovations Might Require Architects, Engineers, and Government Workers

Renovations aren’t always simple and straightforward. You can’t just roll up your sleeves and complete the process in a day, it might be week-long processes that require the help of architects, engineers, and government workers.

  • Architects: if you’re going to extend and expand your home, you need to redraw the blueprints of your home and come up with a new design that conforms to the foundations of your home, and you need an architect to get this right. This isn’t just a personal need either, it might be required by law depending on how drastic the changes are.
  • Engineers: to get the new extensions and the expansions off the ground, you need an engineer with practical knowledge to lay the foundations of the project. This isn’t always necessary, but it might be quite beneficial.
  • Government worker: depending on the size and the extent of the renovation, the government might require you to get a permit before you can renovate your home, and this would require you to interact with government workers to get the job done. This process can take days and even weeks, so you need to plan ahead.

#3 Renovations Have Many Hidden Costs and Inconveniences

This has been the theme throughout this article, and it is important to reiterate it, you can’t just calculate the cost of the raw materials you’ll need and take that as the final estimate of the cost. Not only will you need to hire architects and apply for permits, which both have substantial costs, but you also need to ensure a thorough clean up process, replacement of any furniture that gets damaged in the process, and much more. There are many hidden costs that make it hard for homeowners to plan ahead successfully, and you need to be aware of that.

#4 Renovations are Best Carried Out by Professionals

his article should have sufficiently communicated the difficulties associated with renovations by now, and if you keep an eye out for them, you should be alright, but regardless, the recommended route is to go with professionals that know the process of renovations inside out.

This is especially true for new homeowners who don’t have a lot of experience with the upkeep and the renovation of houses. The best thing you can do is to carefully watch over the renovation when hiring high end residential contractors to do the job for you and learn from it.

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