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How to Design Zoom-friendly Home Office Guide

5 Jan 2021

How to design zoom-friendly home office

How to Design the Ultimate Zoom-friendly Home Office

There’s no doubt that after the Covid 19 pandemic, many people shifted to work remotely. According to Statistica, 67% of people reported to have increased their spending on webconfrencing and software spending. For this reason, they tend to do online meetings through platforms like Zoom because it is friendly.

You might also be having zoom calls often. Did you know that there is a way you can spice everything up by having a Zoom-friendly office? Just give it some life and energy, and you will enjoy it.

Since you will be spending most hours working remotely with your PC, your working space should be as comfortable as you would like.

If you ever feel stressed after a long zoom call and wish the typical office days to be back, here are ways to energize both you and all participants.

1. Add some greenery

A green environment makes a working environment more interesting and inspiring. Environmental therapy is crucial in your working space. It would help if you welcomed this idea, for it brings some life and energy to your office.

The color that comes with those plants and flowers make everything beautiful in a special way. Try this trick, and you will love your zoom call all the way.

Of course, you might want to hang something on the wall of your home office. A statement piece, perhaps? If your answer is yes, you can find cool stuff here.

2. Desk

A comfortable working desk helps you work for longer hours without feeling fatigue. Remember the long hours at that home office and the long zoom calls can be draining.

You can do yourself a favor by going for a rather classic desk that is not only comfortable but also stylish to make you work perfectly.

For this reason, there is good news that you can have yourself a height-adjustable desk. With its sleek design, it comes along with numerous health benefits.

You will not have to sit uncomfortably on that long zoom call. The sit-stand desks UK allows you to stand at least 30 minutes intervals, leaving you rejuvenated throughout the call.

You will maintain your nice body with no risk of weight gain and diabetic threats. Others have tried it, and you can also try it.

3. Camera and lens

It feels great looking at a high-quality video. Help your Zoom attendees to see you clearly during a zoom call. You can make that zoom call look that classic by following these steps.

Position: This is so critical, especially when you are using a camera other than the one on your PC. Make sure you mount it in a way that you are looking right into people’s eyes.

You can achieve this by mounting your camera close to the top of your monitor. Avoid the zooming effect to get a quality video call.

Lens: You can use a 28mm f/1.8 lens that allows that in-depth field. If your camera can support a clean HDMI output, it will be lovely to avoid the bouncing overhead autofocus.

The AC power adapter can serve you something for continuous power supply to the camera. Consider turning off an auto-shutoff on your camera setting to avoid that rude interruption of the camera turning off during a zoom call.

4. Lighting

Your vision is important, just the same way you can’t see without light. This is pivotal in a quality zoom call.

The next question that runs through your mind is how to improve your lighting system.

If you have the privilege of building an extra home office away from your master house, you better do it in a way that natural light is permitted.

On the other hand, your home office could be part of your living room, and this will prompt you to have a stylish desk lamp. You can also decide to do an overhaul of your lighting system to a track light over your head or gorgeous pendant light.

5. Office chair

There is no standard height for an office chair. However, you can customize your chair to suit the height of your desk. At least make sure your knees can be at a 90 degrees angle while sitting.

Alternatively, you can also choose a height-adjustable desk so that you can adjust your height.

Always put your comfort in mind because your facial expression is so vital on a zoom call. Anything that affects your comfort affects the general appearance of a call.

The arrangement of your chair and desk should undoubtedly be in harmony. This will also bring out the aesthetic beauty hence a great video experience.

6. Backdrop

You are free to make adjustments to your furniture or customize your credenza. A TV frame with neatly arranged succulents can be such a piece of art.

On the other hand, you can choose customized shelves with flower vases just as you will like them. Being your home office, you enjoy the freedom to choose what works best for you. Never fear to explore options, especially those that can spice up your zoom call.

7. General organization

To avoid many movements during your zoom call, make sure you put all the things needed for the call at your disposal. Make it all neat and organized.

In terms of power, consider the nearness you are to a power socket and organize all the wires nicely. Your working space shouldn’t be so piled up because it will mess up everything.

It will be lovely to arrange your office furniture in a style that brings out a masterpiece of art.

The surrounding wall also plays a vital role. If you are to use color, you can keep it light and palette airy. When you accompany this with sleek designs, you are set for your great video call experience.

Do not restrict yourself in making your home office great. Your ideas are also very valid in this. Appear in that meeting neat and groomed. Everybody would enjoy being on board with you. It’s important to increase your productivity and make every minute interesting. Do the above simple tricks and you will see a change in your Zoom calls.

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