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What You Need to Know About Rostering & Scheduling with a Workforce Management Solution

31 Mar 2023

Workforce management solution rostering and scheduling

Electronic Rostering and scheduling staff is an important part of managing a workforce. It can be time-consuming and complex, but using a workforce management solution can help simplify the process. From creating shift patterns to ad-hoc shifts, availability shifts, and non-availability shifts across different locations and groups, rostering and scheduling staff with the right software can save you time and energy. Let’s explore what you need to know about the rostering & scheduling process.

Creating Shift Patterns

One of the first things to think about is what type of shift pattern you want to use. For example, do you want your staff to work 4 days on, followed by 4 days off? Or do you want them to work more regular hours? Once you’ve decided on a shift pattern, you can then start rostering your staff. This involves assigning specific shifts to each individual team member. By using a workforce management solution, you can save yourself time and hassle when it comes to creating shift patterns for your employees.

Ad-Hoc Shifts & Availability/Non-Availability Shifts

Ad-hoc shifts are those that are required for special events or holidays when additional labor is needed for short periods of time or during peak business hours. Additionally, availability and non-availability shifts allow managers or HR professionals to easily identify which employees are available (or not available) for certain tasks or projects at any given time. Workforce management solutions enable managers to quickly assign these types of shifts while tracking employee attendance in real-time so there’s no confusion as to who is working when.

Multiple Locations & Groups

The ability to manage staff rosters across multiple locations and groups has never been easier thanks to robust workforce management solutions that allow user visibility into all areas within an organization from one central platform. This means that users will have access to powerful scheduling tools that enable them view rosters by location or group so they can easily spot potential issues before they happen – such as understaffing or overstaffing in any given area – allowing them take action quickly before it becomes an issue.

When it comes down it, rostering and scheduling staff doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right tools at your disposal. With a powerful workforce management solution like [insert name], businesses can create shift patterns, ad-hoc shifts, availability/non-availability shifts across different locations and groups quickly and easily – saving time and money in the long run! If you’re looking for an efficient way manage your company’s staffing needs, investing in the right workforce management solution could be the answer!

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