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Fascinating Architecture – New Designs From Top Casinos

4 January 2023

Fascinating architecture designs from top casinos
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A lot of gambling enthusiasts play casino games online. It is simply more convenient for them to enjoy this form of entertainment from the comfort of their home. It’s also cheaper, and they get to claim all sorts of bonuses and promotions. The online game selection is incredibly diverse as well. Gamers simply find relevant operators by browsing the best pokies list and finding which slots have the highest payouts. However, in spite of the convenience that online casinos offer, the entertainment in land-based gambling parlors is more memorable.

Playing in real casinos is a more social experience, and other senses are more engaged as well. Many establishments are designed by expert architects and their interior is awe-inspiring. They give a sense of prestige that online gaming sites cannot provide. Also, you can use a lot of modern payment methods like e-wallets to buy chips. In fact, even land-based casinos embrace digital payments and PayPal debit cards. In other words, if you like PayPal pokies because you don’t have to use your regular credit card, you’ll be able to use this same payment method in a lot of brick-and-mortar establishments as well.  So, let’s see what casinos rely on new architectural trends, and the effect they have on the guests.

Why New Design Trends Are Necessary

The majority of entertainment hubs have been constructed years ago, so they don’t implement the new trends. One thing many casinos have in common is the lack of windows. If you go to smaller gambling joints or sportsbooks that also have a few casino games, you will notice that those rooms also don’t have windows. However, these smaller operators only try to emulate big casinos, so you end up with dark and somewhat depressing rooms for gaming.

Many of the older architectural design trends, can be attributed to Bill Friedman. Bill was a big fan of gambling and he used this to create an environment that keeps players spending. In big casinos, though the lack of natural light is compensated by incredible indoor lighting. The space is big so you don’t feel cramped and isolated. This gives people a better sense of privacy, and it also makes them lose track of time. Without natural light, they can’t tell how long they’ve been gambling unless they constantly look at their watch.

Unfortunately, even with all the lighting, luxurious furniture, and decor players still might feel trapped. This doesn’t translate well to a positive user experience. So new design trends aim to fix these issues, while still preserving the sense of privacy.

How Casinos Keep Up With Modern Trends

Fascinating casino architecture design
image source : unsplash.com

When we talk about luxurious entertainment hubs or resorts one name almost always comes to mind – Bellagio. It is located on the Las Vegas Strip and it’s one of the most impressive architectural marvels in the world. Unlike other casinos, Bellagio is more inviting. It still heavily relies on indoor LED lighting, but the ceiling is higher and features exceptional glasswork. It also has windows which only increases the sense of openness. This has a more positive impact on the player’s psyche.  In fact, because they don’t feel trapped, guests are likely to spend more money.

Of course, many of the older design trends are still intact, simply because they work as intended. So you have big slot rooms with vibrant lights. This signals to the guests that real fun happens there. Poker rooms are still separate and isolated, as they want to allow players to focus and think.

The Most Beautiful Casino Buildings

Let’s go over a few other buildings that implement the new design trends. If you love to travel and gamble then make sure you pay them a visit, and also make sure you are dressed for this occasion.

Casino La Seyne

Located in the southern part of France, Casino La Seyne was designed to resemble a docked ship. As result guests have a great view of the water and the nearby park. The design might look simple from some angles, but big glass walls are definitely the main appeal of this establishment. The interior has everything you would expect from a top-tier luxurious entertainment resort.

Costa Brava Gran Casino

If you ever visit Spain then head northeast of Barcelona and visit Costa Brava. This ultra-modern structure is neatly tucked between the urban part of the city and tranquil gardens.  There is a massive glass exterior that faces the street, which again aligns with new trends. From afar this building looks like a big slab of granite that is naturally protruding from the asphalt.  As you get closer, it only becomes increasingly impressive.

Casino Montréal

Casino Montréal is old, but it was redesigned multiple times. Its oval exterior indicates that there will be lots of curving halls inside. So, if you want a slightly different experience head to Canada, and visit this sensational building.

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