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Edinburgh Property News

Trinity Park
Planning approval for CALA Homes’ Trinity Park site – 81 new homes across a six-acre former Trinity Park House site in the north of the city-centre. 31 May 2011

Contemporary Scottish House Sale
Modern Scottish House
photo : Keith Hunter
It’s not often you get to buy contemporary architecture in Scotlamd, award-winning East Lothian House by Paterson Architects from 2005

Contemporary Edinburgh Houses, alphabetical:

Abbotsford Park, house extension, North Morningside – Richard Murphy Architects

Alfred Place, The Rowans, The Grange – Arcade Architects

Annandale Street flats, Broughton – CDA

Broughton Property, New Town – Zone Architects

Belford Road flats, Dean Village, north-west Edinburgh – Richard Murphy Architects

Bellesk House, Granton: Redevelopment – Hackland & Dore Architects

Canongate Housing, Edinburgh Old Town – Richard Murphy Architects

Crichton’s Close Housing, Holyrood, Old Town – Arcade Architects

Leith Coburg St Couper Street housing – Campbell & Arnott Architects

Cowgate Housing, Edinburgh Old Town – Richard Murphy Architects

Dublin Street property, New Town – Richard Murphy Architects

East Fettes Avenue flats, Inverleith – Michael Laird Architects

Ferry Road House, Trinity – Oliver Chapman Architects

Findhorn Place, house extension, The Grange – Oliver Chapman Architects

Gilmour Road, house extension – Richard Murphy Architects

Granton Marina Housing – Cooper Cromar

Leith Housing, Coalhill, Leith – Allan Murray Architects

Lindsay Road, Leith – Hackland + Dore Architects

Lochrin Place flats, Fountainbridge – Michael Laird Architects

Moray Place, Edinburgh New Town – Richard Murphy Architects

Morgan Court Housing, Holyrood, Edinburgh Old Town – Ungless & Latimer

Mossman Houses, Merchiston – Arcade Architects

Murrayfield Property – Zone Architects

Leith Ocean Heights, Western Harbour, Leith – Holmes Partnership

Old Town Housing, Holyrood – E & F McLachlan

The Park flats, Holyrood, Old Town – Campbell & Arnott Architects

Platinum Point, Western Harbour, Leith – Gilberts Architects

Ronaldson’s Wharf, Leith – Fraser Brown Mackenna / Dignan Read Dewar

Royal Terrace Mews, Edinburgh New Town – Richard Murphy Architects

Slateford Green Housing, Slateford Green, south-west Edinburgh – Hackland & Dore

South Gyle Housing, west Edinburgh – E&F McLachlan Architects

Spence House, house extension, Spylaw – Malcolm Fraser Architects

Succoth Avenue apartments, west Edinburgh – Reiach and Hall Architects

Telford Road, Granton – gm+ad architects

Tron Square flats, Old Town – Richard Murphy Architects

Upper Strand, Granton – Various architects

Wightman House, house extension, Sciennes – Malcolm Fraser Architects

Edinburgh Housing

Modern Edinburgh Apartments

Southside Garage Edinburgh, apartment conversion: refurbishment by Duffy & Batt

Historic Edinburgh Houses

Caroline House, Granton

Blackie House, Old Town – ne Begg Architects

Modern Lothian Property

Gifford House – Campbell & Arnott Architects

Blackford Hill House – Modern property – Morris + Steedman

Contemporary Lothian Property

Dirleton House – Richard Murphy Architects

Essex Road, Cramond – Richard Murphy Architects

Bonnington House – Lee Boyd

Unusual Edinburgh home: Forth Bridge House
North Queensferry
photograph from architect

Modern Edinburgh Property – Lismhor, Easter Belmont
Modern House
photo from property owner


Murrayfield Avenue house

Eyre Place Apartments

Upper Strand flats

Craigmillar housing

Britannia Quay property

Unite Edinburgh flats

Donaldson’s College proposals for Cala Homes

Western Harbour proposals

Telford Road flats

Edinburgh House

New Edinburgh Property – House in the Grange


Harvey Nichols

Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre – Website: www.espc.co.uk

Planning on selling a property in Edinburgh? The Property Buying Company will be able to help with a free cash offer.”

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