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What is a double glazed window and how does it work

9 Jan 2020

What is a double glazed window: how does it work

There are specific types of window available today that comes with two layers of glass separated by air space. They are known as double glazed windows as they undergo the process called double glazing. These windows are formed by two different glass panes with a certain space in between them. This space between the glasses is left usually to be several millimeters thick and then filled with air.

The air trapped inside the panes act as a layer of insulation between the two panes. Drying agents are also added in this certain gap between the windows before sealing off completely. This is to ensure that no moisture is present inside the finished product, thus the air trapped in the window can act as a fine quality insulator. If condensation appears between two glass panes, it indicates that the window is not properly airtight. Double glazing windows cannot be repaired so if condensation is found, the unit must be immediately replaced.

Types of double glazed windows:

There are many types of double glazed windows available in the market. You can choose the right one as per your requirement and the double glazing cost. The most popular one is the UPVC or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This is the best one among the others because of its insulating properties. It is also economical in comparison with the other types of double glazed windows.

Types of double glazed windows

Another popular option is surely the aluminum double glazing. These are not as efficient for the insulation but they are quite presentable. They are best for the conservatory as it comes with different color options to brighten up your home.

The most luxurious and expensive one is surely the wooden double glazed windows. They are available in customized design and require proper maintenance.

What is a double glazed window – how does it work?

Double glazed windows are now high in demand surely due to its plenty of benefits. It works effectively to protect your home from UV rays, rain, air and more. This is durable and environment-friendly too.

These types of windows consist of two different glass panes. In between the glass panes, there is a layer of gas or air that is sealed tightly. These windows are extremely durable as compared to the single-pane windows. The two panes and the air or gas between them can act as insulators. The glass comes with the coat that can spreads out heat during winter and it also prevents heat from coming in your house during extreme summer months.

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