Granary Lodge: A Great Getaway for History and Architecture Lovers Advice, Thurso Accommodation Tips

Granary Lodge: A Great Getaway for History and Architecture Lovers

4 Apr 2020

If you love history as much as architecture you should be lining up to spend a night at the Royals’ Granary Lodge bed-and-breakfast. With its view of Scotland’s Castle of Mey, Thurso, you can pick up a history book about the Castle’s past and let yourself go back through time to find yourself at dinner with Kings and Queens of the old world.

Fully Renovated

If you hoped to be sleeping in The Queen Mother’s bed, you will be a little disappointed. She started the restoration of the estate while she lived there after her husband, King George VI, died in 1952. Prince Charles has been in charge of the latest renovations of Granary Lodge, which is now part of the Queen Elizabeth Castle Mey Trust in Caithness, Scotland. He has managed to bring it back into the modern era while keeping the grandeur of the place.

Granary Lodge A Great Getaway barbas bellfires wood fireplace

The common drawing room might be the ideal location for you to reminisce about the past in front of the fireplace. It’s easy to imagine the various Earls of Caithness and their family, throughout a Century (before the Queen Mother bought the estate), gathering in this room for warmth and happiness through hard and easier time. Wood fireplaces, in any era, are always the central element of the house. Not only do they serve the purpose of heating the rooms and its inhabitants but they are also the calming figure, bringing a sense of security and peace to those sitting around its flames. No wonder it has been kept intact through the renovation process.

Each Bedroom Features a Unique Decor

The objective in regards to interior design was to achieve a classic and timeless style which would link Granary Lodge to The Castle of Mey and The Queen Mother. It features 10 bedrooms, all decorated differently with classic elements such as dark wood furniture, canopy beds, and floral sheets. The bathrooms are spacious with walls covered in blue and white wallpaper and adorned with paintings of happy fishing trips.

For those who really want to experience a royal life, there are also two luxury suites, each with its own lounge area, which should bring out the king or queen in any one of us. Here, as in the other bedrooms, the fittings, fabrics and fixtures are of a traditional style, always in keeping with the interior of the castle itself.

They say that when you are inside, you can actually feel the love of the Queen Mother for Scotland. You can probably sense its full emotion best by heading to the drawing room’s window and enjoying a silent moment in front of a stunning view of the sea; a great way to remind ourselves that it is possible to share moments with the ones that have departed long before us.

Address: The Castle of Mey, Thurso, KW14 8XH, Scotland, UK
Phone: 01847 851861

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