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Leith Houses : Property Information + Images

Housing in Leith around The Shore by various Architects

Leith Property

Couper Street Housing
Couper Street Housing – photo © adrian welch

Coalhill Housing, The Shore
Edinburgh Docks
Leith Flats – photo © adrian welch
Buredi housing project

Ronalson’s Wharf Housing, The Shore
The Shore
picture from architect
Ronaldsons Wharf

C&A Architects
Couper Street Housing

Rennie & Patterson’s Warehouses from 1810, renovated to residential and restaurants – Commercial Street:
Leith Architecture
Leith Apartments – photo © adrian welch

Other Leith Apartments beyond The Shore – Western Harbour:
Leith Architecture
picture from the architect
Platinum Point by Gregor Shore

Western Harbour
Leith Apartments – photo © adrian welch
Britannia Quay – Lindsay Road

Crescent By The Shore Leith
Leith flats – image © Adrian Welch

Crescent By The Shore, Leith by Gregor Shore

Edinburgh Houses

Scottish Housing

Key Leith Buildings: Ocean Terminal

Sixties Leith Tower Blocks off North Junction Street:
Couper Street
Leith Housing – photo © adrian welch

Assembly Street Leith
Leith Assembly Street
picture from architect

Edinburgh Property

Scottish Architecture

New Houses

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