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Shrub Place Leith Architecture

Former LRT Bus Depot, Shrub Place, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Bid Closing Date was 30.11.04

Shrub Place Edinburgh Campaign PR
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Shrub Place Leith

The Public Inquiry into Wimpey’s appeal against the Council’s planning decisions for Shrub Place gets underway on 9 Mar at the McDonald Road Library’s Nelson Hall.

It will sit every day for a fortnight and is open to the public.

Wimpey will present several expert witnesses to back up their case. Then it’s the Council’s turn, followed by two witnesses for the Cockburn Association and five witnesses for Pilrig Residents Association, namely

a.. David Jamieson of Zone Architects (winner of two recent Saltire Awards)
b.. Heather Wilson resident of Edinburgh’s oldest colonies at Shaw’s Place/Terrace and Street
c.. Sarah Cumings, local resident and frequent pedestrian user of Leith Walk
d.. James MacLean, treasurer of Masonic Social Club
e.. Harald Tobermann, Chairman and Urban Design Spokesman of Pilrig Residents Association

Wimpey’s witnesses will appear in the first week (including cross-examination). We will be called in the second week, perhaps on THU 18th. I will alert everyone, once a more detailed timetable is available.

Recent developments and some background to the case is covered in an article by the Evening News 20 Feb 2004 (I will try and update the campaign website soon!).

Harald Tobermann
Pilrig Residents Association
“Shrub Place is a landmark site on Leith Walk – halfway between the Castle and the Sea – that requires a design that immediately communicates why it is so enjoyable, exciting and beneficial to live in the city centre”

Shrub Place Campaign PR
Wimpey’s appeal

“Many of you will have received a letter from the Council’s planning department regarding Wimpey’s appeal against the planning committee’s rejection of their previous scheme in August last year.

We have been advised that the Scottish Executive Inquiry Reporters Unit (which will conduct the appeal process) “will accept written representations until the start date of the inquiry, which has still to be confirmed, but is unlikely to commence before June of this year.” (SEIRU email 4/3/03).”

THE RETURN of the Shrub Place Campaign
Against 300 Wimpey Houses on Leith Walk

Information from Pilrig Residents Association

“On 23rd December 2002, Wimpey submitted two new applications for the development of 340 flats and 10 retail units at Shrub Place on two sites, the larger previously occupied by Lothian Buses and the smaller currently occupied by the Freemason’s Social Club.

The new proposal represents a new design approach by Wimpey’s architects (Jenkins & Marr), but it still seems to be very much constrained by the developer’s own narrow objectives. Most importantly, it is not clear in how much Wimpey’s new design has been informed, let alone inspired by the design brief for the site (Statement of Urban Design: Principles for Shrub Place) that was drawn up and approved by the Planning Committee at the end of November 2002.

When Wimpey’s previous scheme was thrown out last year, it was labelled “good enough for a Moscow suburb”, and a “third mistake in a row” (referring to Inchkeith Court and Shrubhill House). While it would be unfair to stick these labels on this new design, it is doubtful whether the new proposal is – in its current form – “good enough to accept”. A development that is only just “not quite bad enough to reject” would not be acceptable for this prominent site.

The deadline for objections on 31 January. In the meantime, we encourage as many people as possible to have a look at the plans (references: 02/04593/FUL and 02/04595/FUL) at the Planning Department, 1 Cockburn Street (Mon-Tue: 8.30-4.30pm; Wed 9.00-4.30pm; Thu 8.30 – 6.00pm; Fri 8.30 – 3.30pm) to send us their queries, comments and views.

And stand-by to lodge your comments/objections formally: whatever is built on the site, it will effect the quality of life in this Pilrig (and by setting a precedent, elsewhere in Edinburgh) for a very long time”.

Harald Tobermann
Pilrig Residents Association

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