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10 Home Decor Features Every Edinburgh House Should Have

26 October 2022

Dean Village - 10 home decor features every Edinburgh house needs

Edinburgh is blessed with some beautiful houses and architecture that are unique to the city and its heritage. Every Edinburgh home should have some stylish decor features to bring a little of the architectural culture from the outside to the inside. Here are some home decor features that will help you bring some of the style and decadence to your Edinburgh home that every house should have.

Switch Up Your Lighting

The overhead lights and small table lamps in any living space are important elements that often go overlooked. Lamps and overhead lighting are an opportunity to show off some style as well as give you a range of lighting options and themes in your lounges and living rooms.

Make a statement with something grand like a chandelier in your living room. You may need some professional help to get the work done, but it will be worth it. With the help of MyBuilder, you can search for electricians near me and find qualified contractors that have been reviewed by previous customers. You can find the right electrician for the job and even take a look at their previous work from photos.

Build In Some Smart Storage

Finding a place for everything can be a tough job in any home, but especially difficult if you have a large family with lots of children. You can make a style statement while clearing the clutter and keeping things minimal with some smart storage in your home.

There are lots of places you can fit some extra storage into, but under the stair is one of the best candidates. The cupboard space here is often a dumping ground worthy of tidying up, and there is more space there than you think if you install shelves or drawers higher up to maximise your storage options.

Get Some Extra Style From Your Sofas

Furniture is a style opportunity don’t miss it. You can use your sofas to give your living room a theme as well as comfort. Invest some money in this area to buy some style as well as high-quality furniture, and you are getting a two-for-one deal.

Be prepared to invest a lot if you want a wider choice of fabrics, colours, and styles. A well-made sofa should last more than ten years, so it is well worth spending money in this area to get something that will survive the test of time. Prepare to pay more than a thousand pounds for a stylish, high-quality sofa.

Use Pictures To Give Areas Character

Picture walls are a great way to give your living spaces a new look and feel without having to invest time and money in redecoration. A few of your favourite family snaps in high-quality frames can be an incredibly low-cost way to give a room a makeover. You do not have to use your family pictures if you do not want to. Choose art pictures or landscapes of your favourite holiday destinations.

A good tip here is to use a few different styles and sizes of frames to mix things up a little, the same frames can make the feature look boring. Save money by visiting charity shops looking for cheap pictures with frames you can reuse. This way, you can get the job done for a fraction of the cost of buying new picture frames.

Use Patterns To Bring Style And Depth To Spaces

Plain colours have taken over our living spaces, and it is time for a change. Make a style statement in your living room, dining room, bedrooms or halls with some patterned wallpaper or geometric paint. Do not stop at one, do this in a few rooms. Geometric patterns are becoming popular, and they are easy to do.

Feature walls are a common sight in many homes. Switching out the bold, single colour of your old wall for a patterned wallpaper can bring your living space right up to date with minimal effort and investment. It can also help to give the rest of the room a whole new look and ambience without having to put any extra paint or paper on the walls.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

In Scotland, we are blessed by rolling green hills and the deep greens, blues, and purples of the highlands. Bring some of the beautiful outdoors inside with plants and natural materials. This can be a highly cost-efficient way to bring colour to a space without having to break out the paint pots and brushes. You also add pattern and texture.

Choose flowering plants to add some seasonal variance and extra colour in spring and summer. If you do not have green fingers and do not want to have to maintain indoor plants, find some high-quality artificial options. The best ones are made from a mix of materials, often using plastic for stems and leaves but fabrics for flowers.

Go Dark For Decadence

For a modern, luxurious look, go for deep and dark shades on feature walls or if you are redecorating a whole room. Darker and deeper shades of red, green, blue, and even purple bring a decadent and majestic atmosphere to a room. This is perfect for boudoir bedrooms and decadent dining spaces.

These darker colours can also be used to add some style to stale spaces like hallways and landings. They give these spaces some atmosphere and interest rather than being plain and dull. If you are a little nervous about committing to a deep colour in a living space, test it in a hallway first to see how it feels.

Add Some Stylish Accessories

You do not have to redecorate to change your decor. With the right accessories in a living space, you can completely change its look and bring a huge amount of style, colour, and texture to the room. Give your living room an antique appearance with some older nick-nacks and trinkets for the mantlepiece.

Edinburgh has some amazing interior design shops that can help supply you with some unique accessories that will help you upscale the style of your home. Shopping locally benefits everyone in the city and helps keep the doors open of our boutique shops which attract tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Create A Space With A Purpose

If you work from home, create a stylish office space as a feature for your home. It does not have to be its own dedicated room, just a corner of a lounge or bedroom. Kit it out like an office, complete with a desk. This opens up some design and material options that can bring style to an unused space.

Edinburgh has many connections with literature and writers. Why not create a reading space or home library? This can fit in just about anywhere, including a landing. You can build in a small bookcase or two with your favourite books and a place to sit and enjoy a novel. Make sure there is some lighting available so you can carry on reading into the wee hours of the night.

Follow our home decor advice, and your house will have some of the style and elegance you can see in the architecture along the Royal Mile. These top style tips can give you the decadent and luxurious Edinburgh home you and the city deserve, while also adding a bit of value and desirability to your property.

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