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5 tips for efficient hiring in Edinburgh businesses – guide

27 October 2022

5 tips for efficient hiring in Edinburgh businesses

Architecture is a highly specialised skillset.

And while hiring is one of the greatest challenges in any business, finding a new architect to join your firm comes with the daunting task of finding a candidate whose qualifications, work ethic and natural flair and ability fits with that of your company culture.

With that in mind, these are just five tips to shake up your hiring system and find the perfect fit for your team.

5 tips for efficient Edinburgh business hiring

  1. Employee referrals

Your staff bring their own skillsets to the business.

But they can also bring in new team members on recommendation. It’s likely that your staff have worked with other talented creatives in the past, and they may have just the right person in mind for a project.

Some businesses may even choose to incentivise recommendations with bonuses for employee referral.

  1. Networking

Industry events are a great place to find new recruits.

Meeting your new candidate outside of the hiring environment can be a good way to get a genuine feel for their personality prior to the interview process.

Edinburgh Architectural Association hosts a number of events throughout the year that may be ideal for finding new recruits.

  1. Automation

In a world where each role appears to be oversubscribed with applicants, many businesses face the problem of applicants lacking the necessary qualifications.

This can be extremely time consuming, requiring you to check each CV individually to ensure your applicants have the right skills for the job.

Using automated recruitment software can save you time here. Oleeo filters out the candidates who don’t have the right skills, so you have a shortlist of suitable prospects.

  1. LinkedIn

More and more recruiters are turning to LinkedIn and it’s not uncommon for businesses to approach skilled professionals whose profiles demonstrate the experience they’re looking for.

It’s a digital form of networking that connects industry professionals and can be a fantastic tool for head-hunting.

And as well as introducing yourself to potential candidates, you can also create job listings through the app so applicants can put themselves forward directly.

  1. Reach out

Sometimes, finding the perfect candidate can be like rooting out a needle in a haystack.

And other times, you’ll find that the interview process is highly competitive, and you may be faced with a difficult decision as you have to narrow two or three highly competent candidates down to just one.

But don’t let those connections go. If you encounter a promising prospective employee but can’t offer them a role at that moment, ask them if they’re happy for you to keep their CV on file.

That way, if you’re recruiting in the future, you have pre-screened candidates who may just be available to fill the role, cutting out some of the most time-consuming parts of the recruitment process.

Looking to recruit for your architecture firm? These are just a handful of tips to help the process run smoothly as possible and help you find the right person for the job.

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