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10 Steps for Building an International Brand

9 Sep 2020

Even when a large company has established a brand that became famous locally or even nationwide, dealing with the creation of an international brand is a totally different matter. A reason for that is a complex mixture of a different culture, foreign language, marketplace rules, social restrictions, a different target group, and simply being a new player upon the field.

Therefore, the most important is to present your brand right with due analysis and consideration of both language and the international ethical business matters. As a rule, it will take time and resources, yet it will always pay off in the end if one considers these simple ten steps when working with an international brand.

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10 Steps for Building an International Brand – List

10 Steps for Building an International Brand

  1. Preliminary analysis of the target market. Start with the strategy that will help you to reveal your brand to those who are most interested in it. Learn what’s popular in a particular country, study the sales, and adjust your resources to meet the goals.
  1. Correct website localization. In simple terms, it means the translation of your website to a foreign language with the complex adjustment of all the GUI elements, contact information, and every small detail to meet the marketing demands and present the brand with all the linguistic peculiarities of the target country. Therefore, it is so important to find the right localization service that will understand your vision and will transpose the meaning and business tricks in the correct way.
  1. Study of the local culture and restrictions. If you plan to present your brand in the UAE, Japan, or a country like Germany, the different business promotion rules will apply to each case. The secret trick is to study the local culture and show some respect as it will instantly present you as a caring company or an individual. Include it in your brand and avoid pushing the Western ideology in the Middle East!
  1. Translation of the official documents for investors. Remember that any official document that you present as a way to advertise an international brand has legal power. Therefore, it is better to do things correctly and avoid any legal disputes. As a solution, you could try certified translation company and discuss all of your business requirements. It will help to attract investors and will position your brand and business as a serious one.
  1. Clever cooperation with the local influencers. Study the most popular influencers and cooperate with them to advertise your brand. A good example is a Japanese market where even a small slideshow shown in the local media space will make your brand instantly recognizable.
  1. Good social media presence. Always remember that most things today happen on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Just think about how all the latest arrives faster on Twitter than on TV or the newspapers. Use this benefit of social media to present your brand. Approach professional translators for the short blog posts. Include vivid videos, live webcasts, keeping things active!
  1. Marketing and advertising flexibility. Do not get stuck with a single method but be open-minded and flexible when dealing with recommendations and proposals of the locals. They know their country well and will happily suggest what works best or what is better to avoid with your brand.
  1. Professional translated product manuals. Such a task is usually done by technical translators because accuracy is the key. When you present your brand with the properly translated manuals, it will help to increase the press coverage as the locals in a foreign country will use your translated data as a great source of information and a professional reference.
  1. Implementation of international SEO practices. Remember that good localization includes the translation of foreign language keywords. Use them cleverly and avoid overfilling the text. It must be readable first of all. You can always alternate the keywords as the market changes or gravitates towards some practices.
  1. Special campaigns and charity. Let your brand participate in various campaigns, special discounts, and charity events. The public coverage of such kind can do wonders in certain countries as people follow those who show some care and appreciation!

Things to Check When Getting Your Brand Translated

10 Steps for Building an International Brand
image source : unsplash.com

Remember that when you ask for any translation related to your brand, it is crucial to double-check all the numbers, titles, personal names, and locations. Anything that does not make it to a dictionary of the interpreter can be easily misspelled because even the CAT tools will not be able to guarantee non-dictionary linguistic accuracy. Do yourself a favor and keep your business translations checked twice!


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