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3 wall solutions to improve thermal insulation of your home

20 September 2022

The winter season is always a test for freshly made interior design. We have gathered solutions that can help you make your house thermally tighter and save you money on bills!

3 wall solutions to improve thermal insulation at home

3 wall solutions that will improve the thermal insulation of your home

The upcoming winter season may be more challenging than the previous ones, particularly in Europe. The effects of the pandemic, combined with the geopolitical situation, are making the prices skyrocket. The energy cost is no exception. Particularly in regions where gas is the dominating heating fuel, households may struggle financially due to the heating costs.

Good thermal insulation can generate significant savings, but it is also a lot of work. You need to apply additional external layers, and that is time-consuming and costly. Are there any other ways to improve the thermal tightness of the house? We gathered some ideas that you may find interesting.

#1 Internal insulation

When talking about insulation, we always think of external solutions, but the truth is, you can also insulate the rooms from the insight. The purpose is to create a thermal barrier between the inside and the outside. In this case, you will definitely need some help from an experienced restoration team. Painting and decorating contractors in London are receiving more and more orders for this solution as it is relatively affordable and significantly increases the thermal efficiency of the house.

How does it work in practice? The insulation usually consists of frames and batts made with suitable materials like glass mineral wood. This layer is covered with plasterboards that you can later paint with the preferred colour.

#2 Upholstered walls

An additional internal layer can also do the job. You do not need to take off any layers and perform complicated restoration works. It’s just a matter of selecting the suitable material and applying it to the wall.

An upholstered wall is a perfect solution in this case. It is the trendiest wall cover this season, but if you pick the right material and colour, you can achieve a timeless effect. We recommend velvet in a neutral, deep colour. Dark green and navy blue will look very classy, but if you have any other preferences, go for them. Upholstered solutions will make your room literally warmer but also warm it up visually. They give that cosy vibe minimalistic or industrial solutions often lack. And they are extremely easy to apply!

3 wall solutions to improve thermal insulation

#3 Cork walls

Wood is not the best insulator, but there is another material that can add some natural warm look to your space while making it thermally efficient. Cork is resistant to humidity and isolates really well – all while looking great with various kinds of interiors, from classic, through Scandinavian, to industrial. If you are looking for a cheap way to add some insulation, cork might be the right choice!

You can combine all these solutions for the best effect! Internal insulation can really make a difference, and it does not have to make the room feel smaller. It’s definitely worth considering it if you want to get prepared for a cold winter!

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