Edinburgh properties: The importance of location in real estate guide, Scottish capital property tips

Edinburgh properties: The importance of location in real estate

21 September 2022

Edinburgh is a hotspot for the UK’s property market as a consistently popular city that attracts professionals, families, students and tourists throughout the year. With such popular cultural events as the Edinburgh Tattoo and the Edinburgh Fringe, there’s no issue with demand for a place in Auld Reekie.

Edinburgh properties: real estate location

Edinburgh properties – real estate ocation importance

With 13 characterful areas, Edinburgh has so many locations to explore, stay and live in. Yet, when location is so central to property value, how does it stack up on a micro and macro level?

How Edinburgh became a UK property hotspot

Edinburgh has long been a historical and cultural hub as home to some of the nation’s most impressive architectural heritage. The city has evolved over the years in many stages, leading to distinct areas with their own unique charm, including the New and Old Towns. Likewise, its many learned institutions led to it becoming a place of academic, political, and philosophical importance. All these factors have contributed to the distinctive properties on offer.

Edinburgh’s geographical position is also an advantageous factor. Positioned near the English border and by the coast, it is well situated to multiple types of home buyers. Leith is a famous port to the north of the city with a diverse creative scene, balancing the historical with the artistic.

  • Local amenities: Being within a short distance of medical and leisure facilities, community hubs and supermarkets is fundamental to a location’s appeal. These are the things that affect the day-to-day reality of living somewhere.
  • Education: Properties in areas with several highly rated educational institutions at multiple levels, especially state-run, are deemed more desirable. Edinburgh has several excellent schools and is therefore a very sought-after location in this category.
  • Accessibility: Having easy access to surrounding areas is another crucial factor. Being near minor and major transport hubs gives access for business and leisure purposes, making this an important factor for professionals, families, and retired folk alike. Most areas in Edinburgh have excellent public transport, including bus and rail services.
  • Appearance: Kerb appeal still does an awful lot of the work when it comes to making a neighbourhood upmarket. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more attractive city in the United Kingdom than the historical centres of Edinburgh, making this a clear win for the capital. However, not all areas have the same look and feel, so you’ll need to decide how important this is to your investment.
  • Examples of price trends

    It should come as no surprise that investing in property in such an interesting location comes at a price. Before browsing properties and booking viewings, look into professional financial planning to guide you on whether your investment is right for you, your goals and your affordability.

    A property in Edinburgh sold for an average price of around £300,000 in the last year. Prices will vary drastically depending on area and property type, so it’s best to research prices in different areas of Edinburgh before assuming you can invest.

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