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4 Steps to Setting up a Successful Hotel in Edinburgh

12 December 2022

Running a hotel is a big responsibility, but can be an incredibly rewarding one too.

As the capital city of Scotland, and home to some incredible heritage and breathtaking hills, Edinburgh is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the UK for city breaks, and this makes it the perfect place to set up your hotel.

Here are four steps to creating your dream hotel, and maintaining it.

4 steps to setting up successful hotel in Edinburgh

4 Steps to Setting up a Successful Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. Time Your Opening Carefully

There are various events across the calendar year in Edinburgh, and opening your hotel just before, or during these events could lead to a surge in bookings.

If this is a concern so close to the inception of the business, you may want to consider opening at a quieter time during the year instead.

In Edinburgh, major events include the Fringe Festival in August, Hogmanay and New Year, Christmas (Edinburgh’s Christmas Market is legendary!) and the International Science Festival.

The quietest period of the year for tourism in the city tends to be between February and April, so opening between these times may be best if you need a slower start and more time to establish the business.

  1. Nail Your Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is key to establishing a fantastic hotel. To achieve this, you can build an exemplary website for your hotel using a digital marketing agency like Maratopia.

Search engine optimisation will ensure that your website can scale Google results listings to allow for a greater customer reach.

You may also want to set up social media pages on various platforms for your hotel. Including photographs, testimonials and event links will also help to reach a wider audience.

  1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is integral to your offering as a business to your guests, and will encourage them to return for another visit, write a good review of their experience and recommend it to friends and family.

Many guests who visit your hotel will be tourists, and so having a comprehensive knowledge of Edinburgh and being able to make recommendations for restaurants, events to attend and shops to visit will help your guests feel more settled.

Additionally, providing a welcome pack for your guests containing home comforts like tea bags, coffee, a map of the city and emergency contact numbers.

You could even invest in a welcome pack from companies like Out of Eden, who can put together a hassle-free warm welcome for your guests.

  1. Get Your Decor Right

The style of the decor in your hotel will depend on your target guest demographics, but can be a huge factor in influencing guests to stay with you!

You can design tasteful decor to create a luxury experience for your guests by keeping a tasteful, but simple design. You can use tools like Dulux’s online palette to find the best colour scheme for your rooms.

Do you have any tips for setting up a successful hotel in Edinburgh? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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