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4 Things to Sort Before You Start Building a Shed

8 July 2021

4 things to sort before building a shed

4 Things to Get Sorted Before You Start Building a Shed

Constructing your own shed — or any garden building — is a deeply rewarding experience. Not only do you save money compared to hiring professionals, but you can learn a lot about woodworking and construction along the way. Plus, you get the satisfaction of seeing your handiwork every time you look out of your back window.

There are a few things that you should make sure you have in place before you start building. We’ve outlined a few of these below.

1. Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

It’s important to ensure that you have the right tools for the job and that they’re high-quality. For example, when deciding which mitre saw to use (and you’ll want one of these), checking out sources like Arthur reviews miter saws is a must.

Using high-quality tools means that you’ll end up with a better product, but also for a large job like building a shed, there’s every chance that low-quality tools could break. This just means you’ll need to buy a better one later anyway. It’s worth doing your research and getting it right the first time.

Aside from your saws and hammers, and nails, you’ll want items like a wood plane and sandpaper. A sanding disc is a big investment, but if you have room for one and money to spare, it’s much less of a grind for smoothing edges than sanding by hand. However, every bit of effort creates a fond memory when the building is complete!

2. Know Your Wood

Of course, you’ll probably want some sturdy 2×4 for the frame of the shed. This is usually fir or spruce, but there are many choices for siding or the shed’s interior. European oak is a beautiful, natural wood that is highly rot-resistant, while treated lumber can be a good choice if you’re looking to save money.

Just as important as your choice of wood is your choice of provider. There are many wholesalers out there to choose from, but especially if you want a special type of wood, shop around providers to find the best price. As saving money is one of the most rewarding parts of building a shed, it’s worth taking the extra time. Higher-quality lumber will also last for longer, which is very desirable.

3. Check the Foundation

Where are you planning to build your shed? Are you going to need to lay concrete foundations for the building (and are you confident doing this yourself)?

You’re going to have to pick a building site that drains easily and isn’t prone to flooding. Ground that tends to sink is also a big no-go — you’ve seen those photos of sinkholes on the news, and you don’t want your precious shed ending up in one of those!

This part can be tricky, as surveying an area for construction is quite specialised. Of course, you could be sneaky and talk to a construction company about the ground and ask them what they’d do to lay a foundation, and then just do it yourself. Alternatively, just pay for the foundation to be prepared.

4. Ensure Your Building is Legal

Most sheds are classified as ancillary buildings in Scotland, and you won’t need planning permission. However, if you’re planning to put the shed at the front of your house or if it’s especially large, there may be an issue. It’s always worth checking the guidelines if you’re in doubt.

It’s also good practice, even when the building is legal, to notify your neighbours before you start construction!

4 things to sort before building a shed Conclusion

Having the time and resources to construct home buildings is a wonderful thing. Being fully prepared and smart about the process is even better. Do your research, get your tools together, and best of luck!

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