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5 Best House Buying Tips In Enfield

16 December 2021

Buying a house in Enfield, greater London involves immense research upon the localities affordable for your budget and requirements. This may be your first time buying a house in Enfield, which is the case for most of us. So, it is vital to be familiar with the home buying process involved and the ways and means to look for it.

5 best house buying tips in Enfield

5 Best House Buying Tips In Enfield, North London

So, here is a list of the five best house buying tips to ease the process and save money.

  1. The initial step involved while buying a house is to look for the location where you want to buy your house and finalize it. It is also better to keep a few other options as a backup if in case the budget is not suitable for you or the house is not according to your requirements. Also, decide on the purpose of your purchase. There will be a list of requirements based on the need for your purchase. If you are looking to buy a retirement home, then the budget and location will differ. If you are buying to move in and start a family, you need to look for places with good schools and hospitals in the vicinity. Make a checklist of your needs and also keep your options open.
  1. The second step involved is to decide on the mode of your purchase. In this stage, you need to understand the finances involved. Homebuyers usually have up to 10% of the property’s value in cash and look for a mortgage for the rest of the amount.You may even have more than 10% as a direct deposit amount without a mortgage. It is based on your position to decide that. If you want to opt for a mortgage, you need to look for cheaper and better options. Also, calculate how much amount you are eligible to avail through a mortgage.

    There are multiple online tools to help you calculate the amount and duration for which; you have to pay the mortgage back. A simpler and efficient way to get a quick mortgage is to make yourself more eligible for that. One of the steps is for you to improve your credit score. Another method is to avail of any government scheme. Multiple schemes are launched by the government in order to encourage home buyers. You can avail a mortgage through that scheme.

  1. Once you are eligible to avail mortgage and are safe on the financial side, start looking for properties in the locations. You can get the help of friends and family. You may also get help from estate agents, who will make the hunting process easier. Multiple online websites provide information regarding homes for sale, and you can filter out the options based on your requirements. Websites like rightmove.co.uk, zoopla.co.uk, provide you with multiple options on the home front. In the next stage, you must set your priorities right with respect to the property you intend to buy. You have to make decisions based on the number of floors and bedrooms you need to have. Also, decide whether you want to buy a flat or an independent home.
  1. At this stage, it is very important for you to get into the conveyancing process with the help of a conveyancing solicitor in Enfield such as AVRillo. It is a legal procedure for the transfer of ownership between the buyer and the seller. Conveyancing solicitors eases the technicalities involved and makes your transfer journey smooth. Conveyancing can also be done by yourself or even online. But until and unless you are well-equipped with the legalities, it is tiring for you to do it alone.
  1. The solicitor will verify the credibility of the sale offer and the background verification of the ownership of the property. The solicitor will commence multiple searches, to ensure that there are no underlying issues. After this, the mortgage will be sealed, and if you are content with the property finalized, the solicitor will make way for the verification of the details. Once the deposit is done, the contract will be shared between the prospects. After this, the conveyancing solicitor issues the completion date and after which the property transfer is completed.

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