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How Casinos Use Architecture to Wow Patrons Guide

1 Dec 2019

There are many things that go into making a great casino. With the growth of online casinos, many gamblers have become more focused on playing their game of choice, whether that be Poker, Roulette, or Slots, than where they go to play them. That said, it’s difficult to overlook the stunning architecture of casinos around the world and how casinos use architecture to influence their patrons.

How Casinos Use Architecture - Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

How Casinos Use Architecture to Wow and Impress their Patrons

Casino owners and developers around the world put millions of dollars to work, developing some of the most impressive and remarkable architectural designs on the planet. Many outsiders would be shocked to know the actual dollar amounts that are required to produce these architectural marvels. Some might even wonder why casino developers choose to invest such vast sums in casino architecture.

Industry insiders, however, understand perfectly well that the return on investment in developing a casino with architecture that impresses is often enormous. There are many reasons why a casino’s architectural design keeps patrons coming back that a casual observer might miss. Why not try mobile pokies app.

Why It’s Impossible to Find Anything in a Casino

Casino developers use architecture to heighten gamblers’ impulses by implementing maze-like designs in their casinos. Patrons often lose track of where they are or where they’re going, getting lost in a labyrinth of games. Following these circuitous paths, many of them will stumble upon games they weren’t even looking for.

As you might have suspected, this is no accident. Many gamblers will, no doubt, see a game that catches their eye and choose to play. No matter what you’re trying to find in a casino, along the way you are sure to encounter their brightly lit and impulse-inducing games. Check out online slots Australia.

So if you find yourself lost in a casino, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

While some casinos embrace a slightly more accessible design, casino professionals are sure that this new trend in some casinos is no accident.

Lucian Marinescu, an expert on casino architecture at Online Casino Gems explains, “Nothing you see in a casino is put there by accident. The architecture of casinos is designed meticulously, thoughtfully, and deliberately to draw in crowds and make them stay.”

Lucian also stated that – “Contemporary casino architectural design, like in the Genting Casino in Edinburgh, is a perfect example of casino architecture implemented with business goals in mind.”

Architecture that Makes Night and Day Indistinguishable

Another thing you might have noticed when spending time at a casino is a conspicuous absence of windows. In fact, many casinos intentionally omit windows from their designs. Have a look at Australian open bet.

This creates an insular, cave-like environment that combines masterfully with the ever-available alcohol on offer to make night and day irrelevant to many gamblers. It is easy to see how many patrons that gamble late into the night can continue into the morning without even realizing it.

Casino patrons enter an environment where they can lose all concern for time. All the while, bets are made, games are played, and casino owners around the world are very happy.

Some of the best examples of these designs can be seen in casinos in Macau. International investment has made Macau one of the casino capitals of the world, and a destination that brings in gamblers from everywhere.

Some modern successful casinos that embrace a different approach by integrating natural lighting into their design seem to forecast a departure from this tactic. The windowless design, however, is still widely seen and implemented to this day.

The “Wow” Factor in Casino Architecture

The most obvious reason for many casinos’ extravagant and over-the-top architecture is that it gets people talking. Ambitious and eye-catching casinos are often seen as newsworthy by reporters. This can allow casino developers to craft an effective PR strategy that generates earned media coverage of their casinos.

This is why it is quite rare for casinos to implement a purely utilitarian architectural design. Most casinos opt for a flamboyant, flashy style that gets writers and journalists excited to report on the establishment to their readers.

For examples of these glamorous architectural designs, one need not look further than many of this list of best casinos in Las Vegas, which includes household names like The Bellagio, The Venitian, and Caesars Palace.

Architecture that Strengthens Impulses

Many people underestimate the architecture’s ability to influence psychology. It’s easy to focus on the flashy designs of casinos around the world, but there are many other more subtle elements of casino architecture that greatly influence the behavior of its patrons.

For example, you might have noticed while in a casino that bathrooms can be hard to come by and a bit difficult to find. An outsider might think of this as a design flaw or oversight. Architects that specialize in casinos know better.

By making important and necessary facilities like bathrooms difficult to find and by putting them in locations that are slightly out-of-the-way, developers force patrons to pass by the many casino games on offer. Many of them, no doubt, will get distracted on their way to grab a snack or go to the bathroom. After seeing a colorful, centrally located casino game, many patrons will simply choose to play rather than continuing on to their destination.

Many other establishments use similar techniques. Food marketing tactics in grocery stores, for example, are pervasive. You might have noticed the small, easy-to-grab items by the cash register, where shoppers wait in line. Those were not put there by accident.

Casino Lighting

One part of casino architecture that is, perhaps, the most difficult to ignore is the flashy, larger-than-life lighting.

Aside from giving reporters one more thing to write about, impressive lighting fixtures position casinos as a go-to destination in a region. Future patrons in the area will take note of a casino that broadcasts its presence with impressive lighting.

Within a casino, flashing, colorful LEDs have a hypnotic effect, lulling patrons into a pleasurable, excitable, trance-like state that leaves them more than happy to keep playing games. They give the casino an impactful, seductive aura that is difficult for gamblers to resist.

Some of the best casinos in the world implement elaborate lighting schemes into their designs.

Casinos as a Case Study for Architectural Psychology

In closing, casinos offer a brilliant case study in the principles of architectural psychology. An architecture student or enthusiast would do well to observe the subtle techniques and tactics used by casinos to wow and impress their patrons.

Gamblers, too, would benefit from knowing why casinos are designed the way they are so that they can enjoy their gambling in a responsible and informed way.

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