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5 most expensive engagement rings worn by celebrities in the UK

18 October 2021

Engagement rings are special because they symbolize something meaningful. However, they are also a declaration of how much your partner, now fiancé, is wanting to give you. Not everyone is a millionaire, but especially in cases of celebrities, those who have the money, it is about public declarations and statements. Engagement rings can make statements and here are the five most expensive rings worn by celebrities in the UK.

5 most expensive engagement rings worn by celebrities in the UK

Lily Collins

Lily Collins, a well-known actress had a unique engagement ring. She was proposed by Charlie McDowell with a rose-cut diamond ring. The stone is in a bezel setting for an unusual and retro look. The look of the stone is it is “see-through” and it is set on a gold band. The ring is custom made by Irene Neuwirth. There is some debate over the type of stone, but if it is a diamond, it could easily be between $50,000 to $100,000. The ring is quite pricey and also unique.

Amal Clooney

When George Clooney married Amal, a lot of hearts got broken. Amal is a British barrister and she got a 7-carat stunning engagement ring from George. The ring has a baguette on each side of the centre stone. The stone is an emerald-cut centre diamond and is estimated to be around 7-carat alone which is set on platinum or white gold by the looks of it. It is timeless, classic for Amal who attends court and then slips into dressy occasions seamlessly. Its value is estimated to be between $600,000 to $750,000.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Jason Statham proposed to this stunning celebrity with a Neil Lane diamond ring. The stone is estimated to be five carats. The sparkler is set on platinum with small diamonds around it. The large diamond is held by four double prongs providing a stable setting. The main stone is surrounded by diamonds and few small diamonds run down the shank, drawing attention to the centre of the ring. It has been reported that Jason Statham paid around $350,000 for this ring.


Ciara’s engagement ring is truly an attractive piece of jewellery. Featuring a 16-carat diamond, this bauble is worth $2 million in value. The centre stone is nestled between two smaller stones and appears to be set on platinum or white gold. If you are looking for wedding rings hatton garden, Ciara’s wedding bands stand as inspiration because they match with her engagement ring.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s collection, yes collection, of engagement rings is quite spectacular. She has a total of fourteen rings. In 1998, her husband proposed with a 3-carat diamond set on a yellow band.

It was a marquise-cut stone and the ring cost around £65,000. After that, she received a platinum eternity band and then a larger ring in 2003. This ring cost around £1.2 million. The emerald cut stone with side baguettes on platinum was quite the stunner and in style. A pink diamond ring, the 17-carat ring, a yellow diamond ring and an emerald ring are some of her pieces that look good and cost big money.

One can get spectacular rings made from lab grown diamonds in Hatton Gardens which is one of the popular places in London and have them cost less. But they will sparkle the same.

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