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5 Ways to Pass an Evening in Edinburgh

5 May 2023

No one regrets spending a few days in Edinburgh. The Scottish capital offers the perfect blend of culture, sophistication, and fun, so it’s little surprise that some 4 million people each year make a trip to see what all the fuss is about. And if you thought that the city only offers something during the day, then think again. Edinburgh is just as active once the sun sets as it is during daylight hours! If you’ve got a free evening in Edinburgh and you’re looking for something to do, then try one of the activities we’ve outlined below.

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5 Ways to Pass an Evening in Edinburgh, Scotland

Strolling the City’s Highlights

There’s not just one version of Edinburgh you can experience during your trip; there are two. The first is the one that everyone sees and it’s the city during daylight hours. The other is one that fewer people experience, but which is very much worth your time. That’s the city at night. Take a stroll around the city’s highlights once dusk has fallen, and you’ll be treated to a gorgeous interpretation of the familiar streets, one basked in the soft light of the streetlamps and with a quiet, atmospheric ambience.

Hit the Town

Looking to join in with Edinburgh’s famous nightlife? We don’t blame you. The Scottish capital comes alive at night, especially on Thursdays through Sundays. There’s no shortage of options available to you, including historic pubs, casinos, and live music venues. To whet your whistle, head to The White Hart Inn, which has stood since at least 1516.

Or, if casinos are more your thing, swing by Genting Casino at Fountain Park, an internationally-acclaimed venue that has held prestigious tournaments from established industry titans like PokerStars. Nowadays, players are as likely to join a live tournament online as they are an in-person event, due to the rise of online casinos and the opportunities they can offer. There’s just as much fun to be had through accessing an online casino platform from your hotel room, and it is arguably more convenient too. Music lovers, meanwhile, should see who’s on the lineup at Usher Hall and The Liquid Room — or in the case of the latter, you can just go along and treat yourself to a musical surprise.

Dive Into The City’s Ghoulish Past

You don’t need to stretch your imagination too far to believe that Edinburgh could be filled with unearthly spirits. After all, some of the city’s most iconic streets look like they could be straight out of a ghoulish movie. If you’re brave enough, consider joining one of the many ghost tours. It’ll take you on a spooky evening walk through the city and tell you all about the legends and supernatural goings-on that have been reported down the years. Just hope that the tour isn’t too scary — you’ll need to sleep when you get back to your hotel!

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5 ways to pass an evening in Edinburgh

Fun at the Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is one of the best in the world, so it’s worthwhile going at any point during your trip. But if you have the option, look at attending one of the zoo’s after-hour events. The late-night openings are usually held during the summer months, with adult-only evenings available. If you visit during one of these, you’ll be treated to acoustic music sets, fancy drinks stations, and street food, all the while having a chance to see what the animals get up to in the evening. Let’s just hope that they’re not all sleeping.

Enjoy a Night of Comedy

If you know anything about Edinburgh, then you’ll know about the annual Festival Fringe, the major cultural event that draws performers from far and wide including the best stand-up comedians. But if you thought that the city only laughed during the Fringe, think again.

Edinburgh is a hotspot for standup comedy all year round, so if you’re in the mood for a night of laughter, swing by one of the city’s major comedy clubs. Monkey Barrel Comedy, the Comedy Attic, and the Stand Comedy Club all come highly rated. Just be aware that Scottish comedians do tend to pick up on the audience as part of their show, so if you don’t want the spotlight put on you, it’ll be best to choose a seat near the back. And even then you might not be safe.

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