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The Architecture that is creating the Future of Our World

19 May 2022

Trends in architecture are not like in the world of fashion. They don’t simply come for one season and then leave. They slowly establish themselves through time, and then remain for a while. What will tomorrow’s houses look like? Here is a quick overview of what is shaping tomorrow’s world.

Architecture creating our future world

A World of Natural Light

You can be assured that houses in the future will be all about natural light. Why? Because the sun is the main generator of warmth and we need to move away from consuming too much energy. You will see more walls being replaced by aluminium folding doors that will fully open to let in the fresh air from the outside. But even when they are closed, they will still let sun rays through. People feel the need to live more in harmony with nature. And so, they want to be able to see it at all time. These days, the garden has to feel like it is linked to the indoor. Which is why, whenever walls are not completely replaced, you will find large windows, like the ones being featured here:

Cabins won’t be Only for the Holidays Anymore

This need for nature is growing. It is partly due to the restrictions we suffered from, during the pandemic. It has become more difficult for many people to spend all of their time inside the city. As soon as they can get away, they leave to the countryside. Cabins are usually located in the woods, where no one else is around. You get to go back to your roots and spend time with yourself or with those you cherish the most. Nowadays, some people decide to live there permanently, as well. It is to be predicted that this trend will continue for a while, as our society has become more aware of the importance of the environment. Tiny cabins will especially be in high demands.

The Do-it-yourself Architecture

No, people won’t draw full plans and start building houses from the ground up. Those that do will be architects. But they certainly will take part in the movement of buying their house in kits, and to build them step by step. DIY has taken a place in many people’s lives, and every year, more individuals join in. The sense of building something for yourself is gratifying. And let’s face it: There is nothing like building your own house. You create unfading memories, and you can tell everyone that comes to visit, that you actually were the one that brought it up.

Buy a Printed House

We are not talking about buying a house from a magazine print. We are saying that you can have your house printed instead of brought up the traditional way. 3D printing has grown a lot since it first came out, some years ago. Now, you can actually print complex architecture through it. It has many advantages over the old way, two very important ones being lower cost and faster build time. And it’s also pretty cool to watch!

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Rowanbank Gardens, Corstorphine, Edinburgh
Rowanbank Gardens Housing Edinburgh
Rowanbank Gardens Edinburgh Housing

West Town Vision
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West Town Edinburgh Property Vision

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