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Main Types of Subcontractors in Construction

19 May 2022

There are a lot of various kinds of contractors necessary in any building business, and they each have a unique important task. A project coordinator may carry out some stages or at least some elements himself but more often he hires dedicated qualified subcontractors or subs to guarantee that they are able to finish all the steps of the building process successfully and in a proper manner.

Main types of subcontractors in construction guide

By the way, modern projects include software usage, especially as useful as online subcontractor estimating software. The efficiency of the project as a result becomes higher. Let’s take a closer look at the most common types of subcontractors when it comes to the construction sector.

What Are Main Types of Subcontractors in Construction to Take into Account

There are many versions in the context of the subcontractors’ types. But the most common are 5 of them. But it depends on the specifications of the project and what independent specialists to invite and hire. That is why some special-purpose orders can require far from ordinary subcontractors.

Nevertheless, here are short descriptions of five average types to take into consideration. They undertake most construction tasks today for trusted contractors in the present-day market.

1 – HVAC Subcontractors

One of the kinds of subs in the building process is plumbing, heating, and air conditioning specialists. They are experienced workers. These employees use different methods and tools to control the following parameters and showings in an enclosed space:

  • air temperature;
  • square footage;
  • ultraviolet treatment levels;

Such professionals provide the installation of boilers and air conditioning systems. This is the main thing in any premises, of course.

2 – Interior & Exterior Subcontractors

One more type of subs in almost any building process is painting and wall covering workers. The painting and paper hanging branch is closely connected with up-to-date trends in the building business. Painting subcontractors have the task to paint the surfaces of the premises. There is no doubt that this construction phase is basic.

3 – Roofing Subcontractors

Roofing and roof painting subs are responsible for creating safe buildings. It is a big science to create the right roofs. By the way, roof painting is a separate process, which is not connected with the wall painting. It has other rules and methods. The roofing service usually consists of many small roofing companies and several larger firms. It is necessary to choose subs for this stage very attentively.

4 – Electrical Subcontractors

Electrical subs are a very extensive type of subcontractors in the classical building process. They may carry out dedicated construction work such as the design, installation, and for example, maintenance of electrical systems. Electricians have to know physics well and must be responsible for everything they do from small things to large systems. There must not be any mistakes.

5 – Flooring Subcontractors

Among all stages of the usual building process, there is also flooring. These kinds of subcontractors perform a lot of multifaceted tasks connected with installing the floor. Floor work is also a key stage. There can’t be a house without a floor. Special knowledge is required for such subs.

Other Types of Subcontractors

These are just a few types of subcontractors in the construction industry, and depending on the kind of project there may occur other subcontractors too. The more difficult the project, the more high-skilled subcontractors it requires.

Besides traditional concrete contracting specialists, there are special-trade ones demanded by many modern contractors. For example, many companies are searching for subcontractors who make a specialty out of:

  • glass & glazing work;
  • excavation;
  • steel erection;
  • ironworking;
  • demolition, etc.

Note that there are mixed positions that will be not suitable for narrow-direction specialists. But if the subcontractor can perform several tasks at once, it will be optimal to hire this expert and discuss wages at the very beginning. Remember that high-quality software can simplify management and monitoring of the hired staff for these or those tasks.

The best-matching subcontractor estimating digital tools will make your performance in the global construction arena exceptionally perfect. Only imagine how much time you can save with professional software that will tailor and improve all your strategies in the context of cooperation with independent specialists and other parties.

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