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Are Air Purifiers Worth The Money?

16 June 2022

Air purifiers are becoming an indispensable product at home. One may not anymore consider the cost they have to pay. As long as it pays you back with clean, pure air.

But are air purifiers truly worth the expense? Are there certain types which can fit your budget? Answer all your air purifier concerns in this article! Read on.

Are air purifiers worth the money

Air Purifier: Is it Worth It?

The quick answer to this is YES! This is so because the product is a reliable item that makes indoor air safer than when you do not use one.

A non-filtered air would be filled with pollutants, microbes that float in the air, and even small particles like fur, ash, dust, etc. When all these air-dwelling materials enter your nose, they may cause you to develop an illness.

A common but fatal are respiratory-related illnesses.

How do air purifiers function?

Air purifiers operate primarily by cleaning the air, which may contain pollutants, allergens, and chemicals. They are the polar opposite of essential oil diffusers and humidifiers, which introduce particles into the air.

Air purifiers operate differently than filters. While filters just remove particles, purifiers may also disinfect them.

The precise particles eliminated by an air purifier ultimately determine what type you pick. Specific models like 20x23x1 air filter have filters to catch particles as air passes through them, while others may reduce other airborne particles without disinfecting the air.

Another alternative is a negative ion-producing air purifier, which attracts and neutralizes positive ion particles in the air. The disadvantage of this technique is the potential for ozone emissions.

Are they efficient?

The simple answer is yes, but an air purifier is unlikely to eliminate or neutralize all irritants in your house. This is because numerous particles may settle on soft surfaces like furniture, bedding, carpets, and hard surfaces like your walls.

An air purifier may be used with a modified filter that comes in other sizes to help remove the pollutants listed below:


Allergens are chemicals that can cause reactions such as allergies or asthma. For example, pollen, animal dander, and dust mites are among the most frequent allergens in the air.

An air purifier can function in tandem with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which is best recognized for trapping airborne allergens.


Indoor mould particles are another allergen that can be incredibly toxic for those with asthma and other respiratory ailments. Air purifiers can help to some extent, but filtration is significantly more successful in removing mould from the air.

An air purifier with a HEPA filter would be ideal, as would lowering humidity levels in your house.


Air purifiers with filters may also remove smoke from the air, particularly from landscape fires and tobacco smoke. However, despite their use, air purifiers cannot eliminate the odour of smoke, and there may still be cases of smoke stains on walls and ceilings.

Quitting smoking is preferable to attempting to filter smoke-filled air. But, according to one study on air purifiers, these devices performed nothing to eliminate nicotine from indoor air.

Toxins at home

Your house may be a source of contamination from cleaning chemicals, personal care products, and other sources in addition to airborne allergens and mould.

These particles might damage your health if they reside in the air. Air purifiers can trap toxins, but the best approach to get rid of them is to avoid using them in the first place.

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Advantages of an Air Purifier

While allergy and asthma drugs can help ease symptoms and prevent responses, air purifiers can help eliminate the source of your problems in the first place. There’s a potential that with prolonged use, you’ll have fewer allergic responses and asthma symptoms.

However, this is not a substitute for your meds, and it is still critical to keep irritating particles out of your house in the first place. Always consult with your doctor before lowering or discontinuing any drugs.

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