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Balfour Stewart House: United Distillers Edinburgh

Scottish + Newcastle Building, Ellersly Rd, west Edinburgh design by RMJM Architects

United Distillers Redevelopment News Update

Rumney Manor Ltd resubmitted plans by Archial Architects for demolition of existing offices & erection of 80 flats at 33 Ellersly Road, West Murrayfield, Edinburgh.

United Distillers Building

United Distillers Redevelopment Revised Submission 8 May 2009

Rumney Manor Ltd submitted plans by SMC Hugh Martin Architects for demolition of existing offices & erection of 119 flats at 33 Ellersly Road, West Murrayfield, Edinburgh. Nov 2007

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33 Ellersly Road – Balfour Stewart House
Date built: 1981
Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners

33 Ellersly Road - Balfour Stewart House 33 Ellersly Road - Balfour Stewart House
photos © Alastair Cook 2007

Planning Application: 07/04755/FUL
United Distillers Redevelopment Submission
to demolish the existing office block and erect a residential development of 119 units.
Heights: 3-7 storeys

Location: West Murrayfield Conservation Area

Distillers Company HQ
photo © Jeremy Scott

United Distillers Redevelopment Report

Salient Points from Report: It is recommended that this application be Refused. “This building is an important example of Scotland’s contemporary architectural legacy…The West Murrayfield Conservation Area has recently been extended to incorporate the application site. The property is specifically mentioned within the Conservation Area Character Assessment as a building of important Scottish Contemporary Architecture….

The proposed quality of the design of the proposal is not acceptable within the conservation area due to the use of reconstituted stone, massing and form of the building. The proposals do not preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the conservation area.”

Summary: ”It is recommended that the Committee refuses this application for reasons relating to the unacceptable demolition of a building within a conservation area and inappropriate development in terms of scale, height and massing within the conservation area.“

United Distillers Redevelopment Report in full

Historic Scotland: ”The building was designed by Robert Matthew, Johnson-Marshall and Partners in 1981. It is an important office building design heralding new architectural ideals of the burgeoning Post-Modern period of the early 1980’s in Scotland, flowing on from the great drive in university and college building of the 1960s and 1970s.

When this building was designed, smooth stone cladding was being reintroduced as an important stylistic element in design, and gridded towers recalled the architectural language of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It is thus linked to a national revival in the same spirit as Alvar Alto’s later architecture.

Buildings of this type and quality are few in Scotland at this period, and United Distillers arguably represents the best of its kind. It is clearly an important building, which we believe your Council specifically included within the conservation area during recent boundary changes.”

Dear Adrian,

RMJM Distillers Building, Edinburgh

I am the last person to object to a building being taken away if it has outlived its purpose and continually argue against the listing process and for all new developments to be judged on their own merits. The only proviso being that if a building of real architectural significance is to be removed then what takes its place has to be just as good or better.

The RMJM Distillers Building is the finest “recent” work in Edinburgh, in my view. An outstanding piece of modern architecture, which always raises my spirits.

I see from your news page that there is a proposal for its demolition, now that Scottish and Newcastle has left the building.

Any proposed new development must be equal in stature to the original RMJM building, not an easy task.

Yours sincerely

Alan, gordon murray + alan dunlop architects

United Distillers Building redevelopment : SMC Hugh Martin Architects

S+N : Edinburgh Building

Distillers Company HQ RMJM Scotland Building
Balfour Stewart House – entry facade photos © Jeremy Scott

Previous News re Balfour Stewart House
Scottish + Newcastle reportedly moving from the Distillers Company HQ, Ellersly Rd, West Murrayfield by RMJM, 1986 to 28 St Andrew Square in newly-refurbished former Scottish Equitable offices: what will be old HQ’s fate?

Photos of Scottish + Newcastle building by architect Alastair Cook:

Balfour Stewart House, Edinburgh, Scotland Balfour Stewart House, Edinburgh, Scotland Balfour Stewart House, Edinburgh, Scotland Balfour Stewart House Edinburgh, Scotland
photos © Alastair Cook 2007

United Distillers Edinburgh : main page on Balfour Stewart House redevelopment / demolition

Scottish + Newcastle HQ architects : RMJM

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United Distillers Edinburgh United Distillers Edinburgh building United Distillers Edinburgh Scotland
photos © Alastair Cook 2007

Scottish & Newcastle : Office proposal

Balfour Stewart House Reference: AJ article by Patrick Hannay at time of opening

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