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The benefits of improving and re-designing your home

23 August 2022

Benefits of improving and re-designing a home

Whether you’re considering sprucing up your existing living space or renovating a home for resale, there are countless benefits to improving and re-designing property. Making cost-effective home improvements can go a long way in adding extra value to your home, reducing carbon emissions, cutting outgoings and energy bills and boosting your EPC rating:

Benefits of re-designing your home

Renovating and re-designing your home can have a positive effect on your well-being and improve your everyday life, especially if you live in a small flat or an old/poorly maintained house. Even minor design changes such as adding extra storage space, painting walls white or replacing fixtures can instantly transform your living space.

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Renovating with high-quality materials will reduce long-term maintenance and repair costs, whilst driving up the value of your home – exterior renovation of your property could even increase the value of the whole street. Replacing old appliances, installing double-glazed windows and insulating your home are easy ways to increase the energy efficiency of your property, reducing emissions and utility outgoings.

How to go about making this happen

It’s possible to re-design your home in a cost-efficient way – ensure that you assess your finances, prioritise tasks (it’s best to make a checklist) and set a realistic budget before getting the project underway. Whether you choose to Fund your property renovation using savings, a loan or an equity release mortgage, make sure that you set aside a small contingency fund to cover unexpected fees.

When planning your re-design, factor in after-care costs including waste removal and maintenance fees – find out whether you will need to get any surveys related to damp, infestation, subsidence or drainage problems and get renovation insurance to cover your property. Depending on the scale of the project, you may need to hire professional contractors including builders and architects – you may also need to apply for planning permission with the local council.

Top cities to consider redesigning a home

If you’re planning on moving to a new city to re-design a property for resale or as a living space, locations in the United Kingdom with preferable property markets include Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Cornwall – if you’re considering developing property north of the border, The City of Edinburgh was rated as the 4th best location in the UK to sell a home in the last five years, placed just behind the City of Glasgow. As well as increasingly inaccessible prices in London, the growth in Scottish property markets has been attributed to the pandemic and the new remote working culture. In Edinburgh and Manchester, prices are expected to rise by up to 30% this year, so don’t waste any time if you’re thinking of making the move!

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