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The Best Architectural Casino Buildings In The World

30 August 2021

Edinburgh is Scotland’s hilly capital. It is an elegant Georgian new town with gardens and neoclassical buildings. It has been a beautiful collection of stunning architectural examples.

There is no doubt that Edinburgh is home to many of the best buildings in the world. You can think of the narrow closes of the old town and the sweeping avenues of the new town of Edinburgh.

Best architectural casino buildings in the world

The Best Architectural Casino Buildings In The World Guide

There’s often confusion among people that Edinburgh is in the UK or Scotland. As buildings in Edinburgh, replicate lots of buildings and architecture that can be seen in the UK. There are many great architectural buildings in the UK that include many world-famous casinos.

There are many casino buildings in Edinburgh, such as the Genting York place, Maybury roadhouse and many more. These casino buildings are not only visited by the natives of this place but have visitors from all around the globe. These casinos are referred to as the best architectural casino buildings as they include breathtaking architectural beauties.

These casinos are highly preferable for the players not only because of the aura they offer but also because they offer fast cashouts to the player. These fast payout casinos have the highest odds of winnings and making to get big money back home.

Let’s take a tour of these famous and best architectural casinos that you visit in Edinburgh.

Genting Casino York Place

Genting Casino York Place is one of the jewels in the Crown of Edinburgh. It provides the visitors with a perfect blend of gambling and dining facilities in a relaxed and comfortable manner. The main lobby is designed in the shape of a hexagonal void that perfectly mixes with the surroundings. It has a domed ceiling to give you the illusion of its two-storeyed building.

You can experience chills by seeing the ceiling, as the subtle lighting makes the architectural features of the building speak for themselves. It is not the largest casino but has an enormous variety of casino games. It features many 9 table games, including three-card poker roulette, blackjack and many more.

There are various slot games in the York place casino known for having 94% RTP. It is one of the branches of Genting casinos of the UK and is licensed and overseen by UKGC.

Genting Casino Fountain Park

Genting Casino Fountain Park is considered the best place to play in Edinburgh with 37 slots. Its modern architecture makes it attractive enough for visitors to visit the place. The casino is the main focus of the attraction of the busy fountain park street scene. As you enter the building, the huge and widened entrance of reception catches your eye with backlit illuminating glass.

As you pass the stairs, you get the view of a backlit glass bar. Modular seating arrangements provide you with space, where you can have multiple functions. From dancing to private parties to just simply relaxing it provides you with a great sitting environment.

Coming to the gaming slots, it stretches out on one side of the entrance stairs, providing you with a mixture of slots, table gaming and poker. It includes an exquisite kitchen where you can experience luxurious dining. The whole interior of the place is full of lavish design and luxury. According to casino expert Kate Richards, there are some more best casino architectures in the world. You can read more about Kate’s expertise here.

Maybury Roadhouse

Maybury Roadhouse is one of the finest examples of art deco architecture in Scotland capital city Edinburgh. Maybury roadhouse lies in the busiest sites of the city. Many of the features of Roadburn are still interacting with the originality of the place. It was converted into a casino in the 1930s and it remained a treasured landmark for the people of Edinburgh.

It is one of the most recognisable sites for a person visiting Edinburgh. Every resident of Edinburgh will pass by it at some moment in time. There is a wide variety of casino games that this place has to offer from blackjack to slot machines to poker, it includes all. And if you are a fan of art deco architecture then you should definitely visit this place.

Best architectural casino buildings in the world Conclusion

Edinburgh is an impressive and large city, so the casinos here are widely spread. The York place Genting is the closest to the city centre, the fountain park is equidistant from Edinburgh castle. To get to Maybury Roadhouse, you need to get through the Edinburgh city pass and the Glasgow road.

Interestingly these casino buildings show the beauty of modern architecture in Edinburgh. Nobody would have ever imagined seeing such amazing architecture and design in places like these casinos.

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Edinburgh Architecture

525 Park View, Ferry Road, north of the city centre
525 Park View, Ferry Road homes

The Red Sandstone Building, 106 to 154 Leith Walk
Red Sandstone Building

St James Quarter Edinburgh
St James Quarter

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