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Best Atmospheric Locations in Video Games Guide

6 September 2021

Do you remember the first time you visited a beautifully gloomy, forgotten crypt? Or when your character set foot into an open field with snow-covered hills on both sides of them and the wind blowing across their face? Perhaps it was in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, or maybe in Dead Space.

When I think back to some of my favourite atmospheric locations in video games, there are quite a few that come to mind. There are many different types of locations to explore in video games and casinos that all have their own unique atmosphere and style if you get a chance to free play slots.

Best atmospheric locations in video games

These atmospheric locations can often distract you from the story. They can just be so interesting to be in. Most of these types are modern locations such as cities and aeroplanes, but we’ve decided to take a look at some other atmospheric locations in video games. It is fun to play free video games. Here’s a list of seven games where atmospheric location design stood out from the rest.

Best Atmospheric Locations in Video Games List

  • Dark Souls -Undead Burg
  • Bloodborne – Hemwick Charnel Lane
  • Dark Souls II – Aldia’s Keep
  • The Witcher 3 – Skellige Isles
  • Dark Souls III – Farron Keep / Cathedral Ward
  • Dead Space – Ishimura
  • Outlast 2 – Temple Gate

Dark Souls – Undead Burg

Undead Burg is the first area you will visit in Dark Souls. It serves as a tutorial of sorts; it’s where you learn about health and stamina management, the parry system, the combat basics, and enemies. The main goal in Undead Burg is to meet Andrei, the blacksmith, so that he can repair the equipment. The thing with this level, though; it does its best to make you feel tense at all times. You’re constantly aware that there might be enemies around every corner because this is one of those areas where they respawn if you leave via a bonfire (the game’s checkpoints). The music also has an eerie vibe to it which adds to the tension.

Bloodborne – Hemwick Charnel Lane

Bloodborne’s Hemwick Charnel Lane is the first environmental area you will enter in Bloodborne, and it will surely have an impact on you. The whole level is completely abandoned; everything except for the enemies has been left behind long ago. You can clearly see that this once used to be a Village with some sort of community living there, but now, it’s all gone. It’s easy to get lost because of how big the place is; just be careful where you’re going, or else you might end up finding yourself surrounded by deadly enemies. There are many jumps scares in this level that could easily catch you off-guard when you least expect them as well if playing on hard difficulty.

Dark Souls II – Aldia’s Keep

Aldia’s Keep is a level that was added in the Scholar of the First Sin edition. It includes some really cool puzzle elements and environmental interactions, which make it stand out as one of the favourite atmospheric locations in Dark Souls II. There are many different ways to tackle this level, you can even skip it entirely, but if you do, you’ll miss out on an opportunity to find some nice loot hidden away in Aldia’s Keep. One thing you will probably like about this location is how underground-ish it feels when inside; there are enough winding hallways and pathways for enemies to ambush you, which creates an enemy encounter that feels really intense.

The Witcher 3 – Skellige Isles

The Skellige Isles are found in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and are filled with many different villages and locations; each of them has a distinctively Norse or Celtic feel to it. Not only the villages but also the other atmospheric locations in Skellige Isles have this kind of coziness feeling to them; you’ll often find yourself surrounded by dense forests, small lakes that reflect the sky, and mountains on either side. Make sure not to miss out on visiting this place if you’re a fan of RPGs. We recommend starting off with White Orchard so you can get a good grasp of Geralt’s movement speed earlier on.

Dark Souls III – Farron Keep / Cathedral Ward

The Demon Ruins, also known as Farron Keep, is an area in Dark Souls III, which is part of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. It’s a place filled with chaos; demons and Hollows have built their nests here, which you’ll be fighting throughout this area. The Demons in Farron Keep are pretty challenging to kill, especially when there’s a large group of them surrounding you. The Cathedral Ward is found adjacent to Farron Keep; they’re connected by an underground tunnel that goes straight through the middle of it; for some reason, most gamers enjoy exploring the hidden tunnels more than actually trying to fight enemies in one of these locations.

Dead Space – Ishimura

Ishimura was the spaceship that Isaac Clarke ended up on after his tram got knocked off-course during transit between planets. The Ishimura is the setting for Dead Space and its sequel. It’s a huge location filled with many twists and turns, making it difficult to explore each section of it without getting attacked by some sort of alien creature, but thankfully, there are more than enough weapons scattered around so you can easily defend yourself against them. All demonstrations on this list have been based on our own opinions but, if we had to pick one level from Dead Space that most gamers enjoy most, then it would definitely be Ishimura’s medical deck because that was where you get to meet the first Necromorph boss in Dead Space after Isaac found his way into their nest.

Outlast 2 – Temple Gate

If you think there is nothing as entertaining as playing free pokies, then you haven’t played the Outlast 2. This is a survival horror game that’s filled to the brim with atmospheric locations. Our favourite one has got to be Temple Gate; it’s crawling with cultists and other psychopaths who want nothing more than to get rid of you in the most gruesome way possible.

It’s an amazing level that does a great job at creating that sense of danger for the player; there are large rooms where your foes can easily outnumber you if you’re not careful enough when wandering around this place. Temple Gate makes for a great setting because it’s made up of old, dusty stone pathways and creepy rooms, which are a staple in-game whenever you’re exploring an ominous location such as a temple.

In summation, there are plenty of atmospheric locations in video games. We think that those mentioned above have got to be most gamers’ favourite because they have such an intense atmosphere attached to them which makes exploring them even more exciting!

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