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Best Designed Buildings in the UK Guide

11 August 2021

The UK is full of historical and impressive works of architecture. If you’re looking for a guide to learn more about the best UK buildings and what they have to offer, then read further. We’ve completed this guide for you with the coolest buildings in the country. These include historic castles, museums, palaces, and many more.

Best designed buildings in the UK

Here Are the Best Designed Buildings in the UK

The best cities in the world have beautiful, iconic buildings, and London is one of them. It has a vibrating range of buildings that will leave you breathless. Just by looking at them, you’ll instantly feel some of the history’s past, and also the future of England.

If you plan on visiting the UK, please explore these fascinating buildings, as they’re certainly worth exploring. Most people that travel to the UK are making their first stop in London.

The Buckingham Palace

The royal palace is a must-see building for tourists. The gorgeous architecture is famous across the world, and everything about it suggests an unbelievable level of wealth. The palace was built in 1703, and since then, the palace was used for the royal family. Not surprisingly, there have been several renovations and constructions done on the property, to bring it more into the 21st century. But the basic of the building is the same. It has literally the grandest garden in the UK, and be prepared: 775 rooms available to visit, and this includes 19 bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 78 bathrooms, 19 staterooms, 92 offices, and 52 Royal and guest bedrooms.

You’re definitely wondering if you can stay overnight in Buckingham Palace? The good news is that yes, you can spend a night in one of the Queen’s 11th-century private bedrooms. But the bad news is that the prices range between £5,000 per person per night, up to £2,250,000 per night. As expected, living like a royal comes with huge costs. It is the world’s most expensive royal residence, as the estimated price for renting the Queen’s residence would cost up to $3,079,937.24. Well, just visiting the Palace does sound like a good idea, right?

Never been to Edinburgh? You miss a charming destination

Thinking about traveling in 2021? Add Edinburgh to your travel bucket list. If there’s a famous city worth visiting, the Scottish capital is definitely a great tourist attraction. One of the most beautiful cities in the UK, Edinburgh, is full of culture and art, crowned by the stone walls and towers. The rural houses and communities define themselves through architecture. Beautifully designed building projects are waiting for you to visit them.

There’s more: if you plan on moving to Edinburgh, then there are some things you must know before. The excitement level is high when deciding to move somewhere else than where you grew up. Now you’re happy, and five minutes later you annoyingly feel the anxiety levels rising. What if you won’t make any friends? What if you don’t find a job? What if, what if? Anyone who’s ever moved abroad can relate to this, but apparently, if you love rainy and foggy weather, then your staying in Edinburgh will be fantastic.

Edinburgh can be quite an expensive city to live in, but not as expensive as other cities in the UK. So, it’s quite reasonable to pay £550-£780 for a studio flat in the city center. Plus, Edinburgh has the most prestigious and well-designed buildings to live in. The factors you must take into account are that it is a healthy internal environment in homes, comfortable home designs, quality and affordability in buildings, etc.

If you’re planning to rebuild something, then feel free to contact a Concrete Barrowing Service in Edinburgh that could help you with the remodel of your home. Building a new home isn’t as easy as you might expect: you need a lot of services to help you complete the project of the property: also, a barrow service for the concrete helps you to mix concrete, which offers a wide range of benefits to your construction.

So, you genuinely do understand that Scotland is indeed a heavenly place to live in. And there are many other advantages you would want to know before moving, but we’ll leave that in your hands (do your own research).

The British Museum

Undoubtedly, this is the largest museum in the UK, known for its massive stone pillars. The exterior of the building looks incredibly medieval, but there are also a lot of modern aspects to this building. Note: The British Museum is actually older than the United States of America.

Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is where Princess Albert died at the age of 42 in 1861. Queen Victoria then decided to design an Albertopolis in London (South Kensington), which consists of a wide range of cultural landmarks, constructed in his memory. The Royal Albert Hall crowds 360 events annually, from comedy, circus shows, to charity events, Christmas Carol concerts, wrestling competitions, and orchestra performances. Some of the world’s most known artists performed at the venue, including The Beatles, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Adele, and many more.

Kensington Palace

It is the second residential home of the UK’s royal family on the list. Some people might not be as impressed as its competition, but the Kensington Palace remains a remarkable building which is worth visiting. The Kensington Palace was transformed into a stylish home for Britain’s young royal families. It has been a residence of the UK’s Royal Family since the 17th century. Currently, the staterooms are open to the public. The Palace displays many objects and paintings from the Royal collection. Now, it is home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with other members of the royal family.

England is home to some of the most exquisite pieces of architecture. Those who have a chance to visit the UK must find a way to visit the extravagant buildings where royal families have lived for the great importance of years.

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