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The Best Plants To Keep In Your Bathroom

21 Apr 2021

Having plants inside your house helps to transform the space. Even the varieties that don’t flower add a splash of green and seem to brighten the area around them. Of course, there are also an array of benefits associated with plants in the house, such as purifying the air and making you feel more positive.

But, your house can be a difficult environment for plants, especially the bathroom. Bathrooms traditionally have less light, are generally one of the smallest spaces in the building, and have high levels of humidity. For some plants this is perfect, but you have to choose the right ones!

The simplest rule is to consider where the plants originate from, this will tell you if they like humidity or not.

Best plants to keep in your bathroom - flowers sink

The Best Plants To Keep In Your Bathroom Advice

The Monstera Plant

The Monstera plant is actually an evergreen tropical vine or shrub, depending on the exact species you choose. They naturally have holes in their leaves which has led to the nickname, Swiss Cheese Plant. In fact, these holes serve a purpose and, you may be surprised to learn that this plant can produce fruit.

However, even with the highest quality monstera plants available, this rarely happens to indoor versions.

This plant loves bright spaces but prefers indirect sunlight. It only needs watering every couple of weeks but does like high humidity. In other words, it’s the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Bird’s Nest Fern

These plants are full of deep green leaves throughout the year, literally resembling a bird’s nest. They love indirect light although not too much of it and, because they originate in Southeast Asia and Polynesia they are accustomed to high levels of humidity.

You can take that extra shower confident that you are helping your plants to flourish!


This plant is commonly found inside homes and is comfortable in any room or location. However, it is actually surprisingly well suited to the bathroom.

This is because it can tolerate high humidity, needs very little attention, and they love to trail down things. That makes them the perfect choice to hang down your shower curtain, it minimizes their light and gives them all the moisture they need. For placing these
plants and making their view more enhanced you can choose the shower wall panels to match these setups.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is recognized as a producer of natural antibacterial gel. You simply take a mature leaf off the plant and squeeze out the liquid which can be applied directly to your skin. That means it’s a great benefit when you’re faced with minor burns and allergies.

The plant loves bright light, you’re going to want to put it in the window and water it no more than once a week. The humidity in your bathroom will do the rest and allow it to flourish.


This plant is often referred to as Freddie and is a popular choice for bathrooms across the world. It can handle low levels of light, making it possible to put it almost anywhere in the bathroom. Its leaves are vivid green with splashes of paleness crossing them, making it a stunning choice. Of course, it is comfortable in high humidity and will flourish with little attention from you!

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