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How to Get the Best of Pipeline Leak Stopping Services

21 Apr 2021

How to get best of pipeline leak stopping services

Almost every area of industry utilizes pipes to transport one product/substance or the other from one location to the other. Some of the products transported include water, waste, fuels or gas. For this reason industrial plants invest some good money on building safe and reliable pipelines.

Due to the importance of pipelines and the huge investments that they are, it is quite crucial that they are maintained. In the event that there is need for repairs, it is expected that it is carried out promptly to avoid not only loss to the business but other dangerous repercussions. Check out this site if you are interested in knowing more about pipelines:

Importance of Proper Maintenance Of A Pipeline

There are different ways of maintaining a pipeline and they all aim to ensure that things run without a hitch. However, it is important that whatever maintenance method is chosen, it must be carried out properly.

Maintaining a pipeline is no child’s play and it takes time and dedication. The service providers have to work conscientiously to ensure that they keep the pipeline in good condition. They have to also be prompt to repair any leakages and prevent further damage to the pipe system.

This is very important because without that, there is no saying the type of damage that can be caused in the communities where those pipes are laid. Imagine that this system that carries gas from depot to a community has leakages? That community or the route through which the system runs is in danger (there could be fire outbreak at any time).

The above is a worst case scenario; but the least that can happen is still not pleasant as it can cause monumental loss to a company. But all these can be prevented by upholding the integrity of these passageways through maintenance.

Maintenance involves periodic inspection of the pipeline to ensure that there are no cracks or other signs of damage. Furthermore, any anomaly discovered can be treated immediately to avoid further damage.

Techniques That Are Used To Stop Leakage in Pipelines

There are many methods that can be used to stop leaks in a piping system. Some of them require partial shutdown of the system while some do not. These methods include the following:-

Hot Tapping

This technique is used to drill holes in a pressurized line or vessel. These holes are used to install some types of instruments or connect branches and make tie-ins. This is one method that doesn’t require that the whole system be shutdown.

An example of a vessel that this method can be used on is the steam generator of a plant.

Line Freezing

In this method, some parts of the system are isolated so that the target areas can be worked on. This type of repairs involves the use of nitrogen. Below are the steps involved:-

  1. Wrap a jacket around the pipe
  2. Inject the liquid nitrogen into the space between the jacket and the pipe. This would create a freezing plug in the system.
  3. When this freezing plug gets to the length required, the repair is carried out on the pipeline.

pipeline leak stopping service help guide

Line Plugging

This method allows for the isolation of some components of the system or the shutting off of pressurized pipelines.

When this method is applied to a pipeline carrying crude oil, the hot tapping method is used first. Then after that a special instrument is used to plug the line.

The way this technique works is that a sealing ingredient is attached to the head of the line plugging machine. Then it is place inside the pipe to stop the flow of the product. This means that the entire system wouldn’t need to be shut down.

This method is safe and cost effective and it is also efficient because there would be no downtime in the course of the repairs.

Bolting Services

The services under this category include tensioning the bolt, tightening the torque and measuring the bolt stress.

This technique is highly necessary for operating systems with high temperature and pressure such as those found in gas plants and refineries.

Leak Sealing

This is a technique that can be employed on large systems such as crude oil pipelines. It is a method that doesn’t destroy anything and can be carried out while all systems are still working. It is called an online technique because it doesn’t require the shutting down of the flow of the product.

How To Get The Best Leak Repair Service

Even the most astute of businessmen may not be interested in full details in all the above that we have discussed (the repair techniques). But they are most certainly interested that the integrity of their pipes be upheld. That is why they engage the services of professionals who are highly skilled in leak repair for pipelines to manage the maintenance of their pipelines.

For those that are new to the industry, the following are brief tips on how to get the best leak repair service for your pipeline:-

Have A Broad Knowledge Of The Repair Techniques

Much as we know that you may not be interested in the full details of these techniques, it is important that you have a broad knowledge of them. This would enable you know the following:-

  • Which technique would work best for your business.
  • Whether you should expect a downtime or not.
  • Whether the professional you want to hire is advising you properly.
  • What to expect from the process and the finished work.

With the above knowledge, you would be able to sieve out those who would deliver to your expectation.

Choose From Companies With Good Reputation

It is said that reputation is like smoke; it cannot be covered. A company that does good job would certainly have a good reputation. One sure way of establishing the reputation of any company that you want to work with is through referrals.

When you make inquiries from colleagues/associates in your industry, you are sure to get referrals from satisfied customers.

Search Online

There are also business sites that are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get the best in terms of services. That is why the internet is a great asset; with just a click of some buttons, you can get all the information you need about a company.

How to get best of pipeline leak stopping services Conclusion

Maintaining a pipeline from leakage and rust is highly important. But what happens when there is a leak or other issues? Should your company then suffer financial loss or be a menace to society? The answer is NO!

That is why you need to engage the services of professionals who would ensure that your pipelines are kept in perfect condition. And peradventure the need for repairs arise, they would be on hand to do the needful.

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