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Brick Masonry & Stone Masonry – Comparison

20 Sep 2021

Brick masonry and stone masonry comparison

When it comes to doing professional stone masonry work, always use one of the two traditional types of masonry, namely brick masonry or stone masonry, in old house renovations, historic home renovation, and other projects.

Each project has a unique stone masonry need, so let’s dig into what that means:

  1. Brick masonry is cheaper than stone masonry, and easily constructed by stonemasons
  2. Stone masonry involves a minimum wall thickness of 35 cm but brick masonry require walls of 10 cm thickness that our stonemasons can also construct
  3. Stonemasons do brick masonry construction quickly, but when it comes to something like an old house renovation with unique stone masonry construction, the work is more slow and meticulous as the stone is harder to work with than brick.
  4. In terms of mortar, stonemasons use less for brick masonry, but stone masonry needs significantly more mortar which cannot be easily estimated beforehand.
  5. Stone masonry is stronger and more durable than brick masonry, no exceptions.
  6. As all stonemasons know from many old buildings renovation work, bricks are absorbent and not absorbing moisture makes the buildings damp, whereas stone masonry stones are less adsorbent, hence stone masonry walls or buildings are more damp proof in the long and short term.
  7. Whether a new build or historic home renovation, brick masonry work cannot be allowed to come in contact with urine, sewage, etc., but stone masonry work is not the same, so does not create this issue
  8. Stone masonry work is not as fire-resistant as brick masonry, something to consider when renovating an old cottage, for example.
  9. Good ornamental work can be cheaply and easily done in plaster in the case of brick masonry, but it is not possible in stone masonry, as all stonemasons know well.
  10. With stone masonry not being uniform and regular in shape, the proper bond can be easily obtained in the case of bricks as compared with stones.
  11. Stone masonry allows greater absorption of heat, more than bricks, so great for old building restoration.

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Liberton Brae Townhouses

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