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Roughcasting Rendering for Edinburgh Property Advice

20 Sep 2021

Anyone who lives in, visits, and walks around this beautiful city of ours will be awestruck and inspired by the stunning architecture, the opulent old structures, and the intertwining of buildings old and new, the fabric of the Scottish capital.

What many people may not consider, however, is the role that roughcasting and roughcast render work plays in keeping Edinburgh looking so pristine. Though we rightly marvel at the architectural splendour and design styles of so many properties, without roughcasting, many of these Edinburgh properties would either fall into disrepair or look far less aesthetically pleasing.

Roughcasting & rendering for Edinburgh property

Roughcasting & Rendering – A Way To Bring New Life To Any Edinburgh Property

Consider it another way. If you have a home that boasts a gorgeous, bespoke, and uniquely stylish interior, but an outside that has no so-called curb appeal whatsoever, passers by may not even want to see inside. With the various roughcast render work found across Edinburgh, regardless of the interior, many buildings catch the eye and draw compliments from the facades that bring new life to old Edibnburgh buildings, making them attractive to visitors and residents generation after generation.

Dry dash render for Scottish homes

Bringing new life to properties in Edinburgh can be done many ways, but with professional roughcasting and things such as a dry dash render, age does not matter as the work can genuinely bring a renewed vigour to any building.

Next time you take a stroll around the city, or take your regular walk to work, take a moment to look at some old buildings that roughcasting has restored to their former glory, and admire the roughcaster standards that make this place so magnificent. When you do that, you will start to appreciate how roughcasting plays an ongoing and critical role in Edinburgh, bringing new life to old buildings and making it a place that residents love and visitors remember.

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Edinburgh Architecture

Contemporary Scottish Capital Property Designs – recent architectural selection below:

Princes Street 347-bed hotel, City Centre
Princes Street Hotel Edinburgh City Centre

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Palm Houses Restoration, Inverleith
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Palm Houses Restoration

Edinburgh Home Demonstrator Project
Edinburgh Home Demonstrator Project

Rowanbank Gardens Edinburgh Property
Rowanbank Gardens Edinburgh Housing

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