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5 things you need to know before you buy a butterfly chair cover

20 Jan 2022

These are usually the questions I get asked when it comes to buying a chair cover. And most people want to know how much it costs, so let’s go right there!

I have never bought a chair cover before nor have I ever really sat in one before. So when my mom told me that they were very comfortable, I was surprised because when you look at them they’re just not what you expect them to be like. The first time I sat in one was at my friend’s wedding this past summer and I will admit I felt like an actual princess ha-ha. Not only are these chairs beautiful but they come with everything you need for your big day including sashes and chair ties that will match the chair cover you ordered perfectly.

Butterfly chair cover: 5 things to know

So what I liked to do is look at chair covers that other people have used for their wedding then I would go home and see what it would cost me, including shipping and taxes to get it shipped to my house. Then I would search around on Google again looking for coupons or promo codes so I could save a little bit of money. I’m telling you people this really is not as hard as everyone makes it seem because if they can afford the chair covers than they can afford shipping, but that just how they make it seem like it’s impossible even with coupon codes.

So here are 5 things you need to know before buying your chair cover:

1. The chair cover comes in only one size

If you want chair covers for your wedding or event than I’m sure you know this already but if not well it’s something you need to know. The chair covers come in one size, which is the chair back length of approx 44 inches without stretching it out at all.

Since these are handmade they can’t be custom made so those limits what people order them for. For example I have seen some weddings where they are for high-back chairs, then others who just put it over regular chair backs with no problems at all, so I would say go ahead and order them if they are available for your chair type because if it doesn’t fit don worry about returning! We will get to how you can fix them later. So if you do find chair covers for your chair type than you are ready to go!

2. The chair cover price ranges from $10 up to about $60

T his is really good news because it just depends on what chair cover style you want, because some chair covers cost more than others. The higher the chair cover costs the more frilly and detailed it is which I’m sure that makes sense, but I wanted to let people know that not all chair covers cost the same because if they did I would be very upset considering my chairs were only $5 at Walmart before I got married( see photo below) . Be wary of chair covers companies who charge way too much money. Do you want to buy chair covers for chair hire, chair rental or chair decoration?

Here are our top tips before you make that important purchase.

1) What type of chair are chair covers suitable for?

Butterfly chair covers are suitable for Butterfly chair hire, Butterfly chair rental, Butterfly chair decoration and all approx 20 other chair types. We sell the widest range of chair covers in the market today – find out more here

2) How many butterfly chairs do I need?

We recommend 2-4 butterfly chairs per person. So this might vary from a couple up to 10+ people per butterfly chair depending on your venue space and headcount. A good rule thumb is to estimate 1-2 chair covers per chair, then add 1 chair cover for every additional 5-10 guest.

3) How big are the chair covers?

Chair covers have an approximate diameter of 60cm or 23inches – this is enough to fit over most standard chairs. Butterfly chair covers will easily stretch up to 69cm or 27inches in diameter. With a little ingenuity you can attach them very tightly around objects like tree trunks, fencing and other curved surfaces too!

4) What material are chair covers made from?

Our chair covers are made from superior quality nylon fabric which feels luxurious, ensures that when it gets wet (it doesn’t), dries quickly (it does) and looks great in any setting (we think so).


Chair covers are a cheap chair decoration option for chair hire, chair rental or chair decoration. They look great and can suit any event with any number of chairs including wedding chair decor, butterfly chair hire, butterfly chair rental and others.

If you’re planning a wedding or other special event then check out our website for more information on how we can help make your day perfect!

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