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Can You Grow Your Kratom Plant At Home?

22 March 2022

Do you know what’s more fun and more satisfying than buying plant-based products? It is growing plants at home and reaping the product of your hard work. Nothing brings more joy than watching that tiny leaf sprout from the mud and turn into a whole plant for you to nurture.

It is an emotionally satisfying and joyful process, but it is also economical in the long run. If you consume kratom regularly, you know how expensive the habit can be. The ultimate solution for you is to invest some money once and buy everything you’d need to grow your kratom – yes, you can plant and grow your kratom, some strains like White Sumatra Kratom are easy to nurture.

You need proper research and gather as much information as possible to create the perfect environment to help kratom grow in your home. Let us help you save all that research time; here’s everything you need to know about planting kratom at home. Let’s get started by looking at what type of seeds/saplings you need, the environment you need to create for kratom to grow in, how long it takes for kratom to grow, and when to harvest it.

Can you grow your kratom plant at home guide
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The first step is determining whether you want to get kratom seeds or cuttings of kratom plants. Both are readily available and aren’t too expensive, so you don’t have to worry about accessibility. The thing about kratom is that it needs to be planted rather quickly upon extraction – whether you are doing so from seeds or cuttings, it might never sprout or produce new sproutings. Base your decision on your comfort in handling seeds and saplings and the amount of attention you can provide.

You should, however, know that the chances of a sapling growing are a lot greater than those of seeds sprouting because the germination level is naturally low, and seeds require a lot of additional time and care. After you decide, the next step is to figure out and adjust the environment to what is suitable for the growth of a kratom plant at home.


Kratom naturally appears in hot and humid regions, so you will need to mimic these environmental conditions. You will need to keep the area’s temperature in which you are growing your kratom high and provide artificial sunlight if necessary.

These are not too hard to establish with a thermostat and the latest technology at hand. What requires a lot of preparation and maintenance when it comes to the environment is the soil, and let’s say there’s a lot you need to get right.

According to an article by Super Natural Botanical, you need to ensure that the environment has the following properties:


  • For high-quality and healthy kratom, the soil must be full of moisture and humus.
  • The soil should be dense but not too thick; it has to be able to drain some water.
  • The soil should have a 5.5 to 6.5; this indicates that the earth is full of nutrients and can help your kratom plant flourish.


  • Since kratom naturally grows in Southeast Asian regions – regions that receive ample sunlight – kratom grown in homes need to be placed in sunlight.
  • However, make sure they don’t get too much sunlight because that might lead to excessive moisture loss.
  • To maintain balance, you can create a thin sheet-like barrier around the plant; it will allow sunlight to reach the kratom plant but prevent damage from its strength.


  • Kratom needs moisture to grow and thrive. It is crucial for you to check the moisture level in your soil.
  • Ensure the ground is damp and not soaking wet. Too much water can lead to the growth of fungus, which can kill the plant.
  • There has to be just enough water – too much and the plant might die, and too little and the plant might die.

As long as you are mindful of all these factors and can create a suitable environment, you won’t have too much trouble growing kratom at home. Let’s take a look at what the next steps look like.


Once you’ve successfully grown a kratom plant at home, you need to transfer it to the outdoors and allow it to be part of the larger ecosystem. Kratom comes from trees, which means that your plants will not stop growing, and you will need to move them to a bigger space.

The right time to move your plant would be sometime around early spring and late summer – that’s kratom harvesting season, so you know the plant is at its most potent. You have to prepare the soil in the desired area, carefully extract the plant from the pot, and plant it into nature.


As mentioned earlier, the best time to harvest kratom is early autumn to late summer. You also have to wait for three years before harvesting because kratom trees require three years to mature, gather too early, and your kratom won’t be as potent.

Just keep a careful eye on your tree and record all its progress.

grow your kratom plant at home guide
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Can you grow your kratom plant at home conclusion

If you want to plant kratom strains for pain at home, you should know that it’s a journey worth all that hard work. There’s nothing more pleasurable than watching seeds turn into a plant and that plant turn into a tree. The best part? You get to help the environment along the way; it is a win-win situation. We all should do our part for the environment. Kratom planting at home is a step in the right direction.

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