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Five Things You Can Do to Clear Up Your Work-From-Home Schedule

20 July, 2020

One of the most significant impacts of Covid-19 is that it fast-tracked the adoption of work-from-home (WFH) culture by many companies. Even as the economy has finally opened up, many organizations have encouraged their staff to work from home. For many, it’s a welcome development as it gives them a newfound freedom.

Clear Up Your Work-From-Home Schedule

Many quickly find that being at their productive best during WFH hours is quite the struggle. The fight to adopt the mental state of working while at home is one that most people can relate with. As you come to terms with your new WFH status, here are a couple of tips you’ll find useful for balancing your schedule:

  • Have a fixed wake-up time: When working from home, it’s normal to fall into a lull that you don’t need to work as hard as when you’re going to the office. If you fall into this lull, you’re likely to sleep and wake up at irregular hours. The feeling is more familiar to people who don’t have designated work hours. The problem is that it can quickly lead to you being behind on projects. Making sure you wake up the same time every day helps you create a skeletal structure for your work schedule.
  • Hire professional help: Wondering why you should hire a professional cleaning company? One of the problems people face when settling into a WFH lifestyle is dealing with chores. You’re likely to take up activities you might have outsourced, including cleaning, childcare, etc. If these activities keep eating into your work time, you may be better off hiring someone to take care of them while focusing on work.
  • Set boundaries: Having a well-defined workspace while at home has been found to improve productivity significantly. You can use it to signal to yourself and others in your home that you’re busy and at work. It doesn’t have to be a lot – a table, chair, and a laptop can mark out a work area. It’s simple but can significantly improve focus when working.
  • Use a timer: Chances are that you already created a to-do list for your activities. The next step is being able to keep to it. An important trick is to break your tasks into small chunks that can be achieved within short bursts of high concentration. The Pomodoro technique breaks tasks down into 25-minute bits, after which you can take a quick five-minute break and power through another set.
  • Have a no-phone zone: Social media is one of the biggest time-wasters you’ll encounter when working from home. To avoid your productivity being dragged down by scrolling through endless Twitter or Instagram posts, it’s best to create a phone-free zone. When working, you can switch your phone to a do-not-disturb mode, so that alerts don’t distract you.


While working from home is something a lot of people have looked forward to for a long time, the reality of it is that it takes a while to settle into. The lines between work and relaxing at home can be easily blurred when you’re working in your pajamas. However, with five tips, you should be able to bring more clarity to your schedule.

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