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The Complete Kitchen Remodeling Plan

post updated 21 April 2024

The kitchen is the most important place in a home because meal preparations and other household activities occur there. That’s why you should always keep it neat, clean, and organized. Plus, you can renovate it with modern utensils, new paintings, and trendy accessories. We have already prepared the ultimate guide to lead your way.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling Plan

27 March 2022

The Complete Kitchen Remodeling Plan for your Home

Fix a budget

Whether you are buying something or upgrading, you should never cross your budget. Many projects involve expensive items that will consume more bucks than your capability. So, be realistic about the expenses and stick to only a few improvements if you are low on cash.

Make a priority list

You may want to do tons of work but can’t do it all at once because of money or time limitations. In such a case, write down the tasks in a descending order based on their priority. Spend on what your kitchen really needs rather than glamorous decorations or costly appliances. Once you cover all necessities, you can invest in decorating.

Do proper research

Go to kitchen showrooms where you can find the items you’re looking for. Compare the features of similar products to find the right one. Always opt for appliances with warranties. Feel free to ask for recommendations from your friends and neighbors as well. Check the shipping cost, taxes, and user feedback if you’re ordering online.

Get functional products

Functional products not only make chores easier but also increase the property value. For example, you can replace the ordinary water faucet with advanced Verana taps, including built-in boilers and filters. Other suggestions are well-designed cabinets, nice countertops, tile backsplashes, modern dishwashers, microwave ovens, etc.

Find better/cheaper alternatives

There are a lot of budget-friendly ways to boost a kitchen’s glam. For example, you can apply beautiful wallpapers instead of painting, which is more affordable and longer-lasting. If you can’t afford a new window, just change the frame. Paint the old cabinets to enhance their charm.

Prep before renovation

Removing old layers is the first thing you should do before remodeling. Then, you have to clean the area properly. If you directly apply new paint over the old coatings, it won’t be smooth, shiny, and flawless. Besides, the upper layer may deteriorate too soon. Follow the same theory when it comes to cabinets, sinks, countertops, and other attachments.

Say yes to safety gadgets

Every kitchen should have some protection systems for the user’s safety. Sometimes, the kids play, gossip, or do homework in the kitchen. Therefore, place knives far away from them and cover the sharp edges with knife sheaths. You can also buy a slip-proof kitchen rug, fire extinguisher, cut-resistant gloves, safeguard lid, etc.

Don’t miss the lighting and ventilation

Natural lighting and ventilation are mandatory for a comfortable kitchen atmosphere. Ventilators and windows help remove toxic substances, fumes, and steam generated during cooking. Moreover, there should be adequate electric lights so that we can prepare foods with maximum convenience. Contemporary kitchens usually include recessed, cabinet, LED, and pendant lighting fixtures.

Aim for quality

Premium-grade kitchen tools and utensils are usually on the expensive side, but they’re worth the money. They actually serve for a long time, which means you’ll save a good amount in the long run. On the contrary, poor-quality variants may need frequent repairs and replacements.

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