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Container Prefabricated Houses Advantages

14 July 2022

Introduction To The Scope Of Application And Advantages And Disadvantages Of Container Prefabricated Houses

With the diversified characteristics of the structural design of the container prefab house, its scope of application has become wider. Due to the increase in use, the role it has played is also increasing.

Container Prefabricated Houses Categories

The scope of application of container prefabs can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  1. Temporary housing and office space on construction sites

Construction sites are generally temporary construction projects, including office space and living space, and container prefabs will be selected for installation and construction. Of course, before construction, it is necessary to plan and design the size, style, quantity and installation effect of the container prefab. Having a constructive solution can maximize the efficiency of the construction process, minimize the cost, and make the construction effect more secure and firm. This is generally for short-term use and can be disassembled and reused many times.

Container prefabricated houses

  1. Outdoor work room

Including the office and accommodation of prospectors, rest places for cleaning workers, and public toilets, many beekeepers also choose container prefabs as temporary housing. This kind of operation room has little demand for the number of container prefabs, and generally only needs to meet the demand. Such container prefabs are located in outdoor public areas, and the facilities in public areas are inevitably damaged by man-made or other factors, but solid-quality container prefabs can reduce the problems caused by these factors and have a longer service life. This is generally used for a long time and is easy to maintain.

  1. Tourist attractions

It can be used as a homestay in the scenic spot and a shop in the scenic spot. For scenic B&Bs, by adding design elements to the container prefab for decoration and modification, personalized customization can be completed with minimal investment, which maximizes customer appeal and maximizes business profits. For the shops in the scenic area, it is not only simple and fast to build, but also convenient to move.

  1. Other rooms

Small exhibition halls, home residences, temporary government command sites, etc. For purposes such as small exhibition halls and family houses, the requirements for all aspects of container prefabs are relatively high. For purposes such as temporary command posts, the requirements are relatively simple and do not require exquisite decoration layout and complete interior. facility.

The container house can be made according to the different needs of customers. The scope of application of container prefab houses is more and more, and the needs of different uses will be different, and the selected modeling structure will also be different. It is necessary to choose the appropriate modeling structure according to the actual situation, in order to significantly improve the application efficiency.

Advantages of container prefab house:

  1. The construction period is short and the assembly is convenient, which can save more labor and material costs;
  2. Energy saving and environmental protection, less waste of steel and recyclable steel, less construction waste and no pollution to the environment;
  3. The structure is firm, the main part of the container house is made of steel materials, and the anti-seismic and compressive effect is remarkable;
  4. It is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and it can be transported after disassembly, which can minimize the moving cost. It is suitable for units that frequently change the construction site;
  5. The strict production process has high technical requirements for workers, so it has a very good sealing ability, and there will be no problems such as water leakage and air leakage;
  6. Recyclable, waterproof, fireproof and anticorrosion, the service life of the container house can reach 15 years.

Disadvantages of container prefab:

  1. There are many requirements for the construction environment. Although it is not as high as the construction environment of traditional houses, it still has certain requirements for the surrounding environment. The foundation needs to be firm, the weighing effect is good, and the terrain is flat, and the place is not prone to geological disasters;
  2. The comfort is poor in summer, and it is necessary to continuously turn on the air conditioner to maintain a comfortable living space;
  3. The space area of a single container prefab is small. Although it can be lengthened, widened and heightened, the amount of increase is limited. If the area requirement is large, multiple container prefabs need to be spliced together.

When using a container prefab, we must clearly recognize its advantages and disadvantages, so that we can use it better and play a greater role in the use process.

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