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24 Sep 2013

Photos of key Dunbar Buildings in East Lothian, taken on Sunday:

Dunbar Architecture

Dunbar Leisure Pool perched on the edge of the cliffs, a funny old building, feels like a slightly lost opportunity given the stunning views both out and in to this clifftop spot:
Dunbar Swimming Pool Dunbar Swimming Pool
photos © Adrian Welch

The barometer down by the southern harbour, a wonderful tool and memory piece for the fishermen and women that made the town what it is:
Dunbar Barometer
photograph © Adrian Welch

Dunbar Buildings on the High Street:
Dunbar Building Dunbar Building
photos © Adrian Welch

Clever and fascinating wall details and set-backs, if this was done in concrete by Tadao Ando then architects and architecture students would visit from miles around (funny how we are conditioned by our architectural training), anyway these tall Old Red Sandstone walls give real character to this street, and the way the building meets the wall rather than being expressed direct onto the pavement edge is intriguing:
Dunbar Barometer
photograph © Adrian Welch

The ruins of Dunbar Castle that stand at the north end of the harbour:
Dunbar Castle Dunbar Castle Dunbar Castle Dunbar Castle
photos © Adrian Welch

Roofscapes, I liked the window you can see through to the sky beyond. The orange pan-tiles work beautifully with the blue sky (complimentary colours) and always make me think not of the East Neuk but of The Netherlands, recalling the story of Scottish wool being exported to Holland and Dutch pantiles being imported as a by-product – they were used as ballast for the boats:
Dunbar Roofs
photograph © Adrian Welch

Dunbar Town House, built towards the end of the 16th century, contains what is considered Scotland’s oldest functioning Council Chamber:
Dunbar Town House Dunbar Town House Dunbar Town House
photos © Adrian Welch

Dunbar harbour buildings – not beautfiul, and the one round the corner (to the north) is really a big ungainly mass, a real shame, the harbour has huge potential to be so much more attractive, let’s hope one day some better architecture can be attained:
Dunbar Harbour Buildings
photograph © Adrian Welch

Dunbar houses stepping up the hill, now this is good architecture, timeless with some kind of civic presence and cohesiveness:
Dunbar Houses
photograph © Adrian Welch

The Rocks, Dunbar, a good quality restaurant – reviewed by this website – it is in the distance, second building in from the right:
The Rocks Dunbar
photograph © Adrian Welch

Comments and corrections welcome, I’m based in Haddington so not an expert on Dunbar!

Key Contemporary Architecture in Dunbar

John Muir Museum, High Street, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
Design: Richard Murphy Architects
John Muir Museum Dunbar
photo from architects
John Muir – this is primarily an interior project, by this well known architects studio based in Edinburgh.

Music Department, Belhaven Hill School
Design: Paterson Architects
Belhaven Hill School

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