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Edinburgh Airport Rail Link : Architecture

EARL by Aedas Architects, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK design by Aedas Architects.

post updated 29 October 2023

Dates built: 2007-11

Edinburgh Airport Rail Link - EARL Edinburgh Airport Link EARL
pictures from architect practice

Edinburgh Airport Rail Link Proposal

Railway station within main terminal of the airport. EARL will provide direct rail services between Edinburgh Airport and stations across Scotland: plans approved by Scottish Executive Mar 2007

Approximate cost: £610m

Images from Aedas Architects 2007

Edinburgh Airport : Control Tower

The Edinburgh Airport Rail Link (EARL) was a proposed rail link to Edinburgh Airport, Scotland. This infrastructure project was passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2007, but following a change of government, was cancelled in September 2007 on the grounds of cost.

The link was planned to open in 2011 and would have included an underground airport station located beneath the terminal building. A tunnel was to have been constructed to take trains underneath the main runway.

The EARL would have allowed direct rail travel to and from the airport from Scotland’s main towns and cities. New rolling stock was to be ordered for the service to compensate for any extra journey time created by the additional stop.

The project was proposed by the Labour and Liberal Democrat coalition of the Scottish Government. It was also supported by the Scottish Conservatives. The Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Scottish Green Party both opposed the project on grounds of cost and because it duplicated existing bus services.

The Edinburgh Airport Rail Link Bill was passed in March 2007 by a vote in the Scottish Parliament of 86 votes to 29. It received Royal Assent on 19 April 2007.

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edinburgh_Airport_Rail_Link

BAA Edinburgh Airport
Control tower building picture from architect office

Edinburgh Airport Telephone: 0870 040 0007

Edinburgh Airport Travelodge

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The architects for EARL are the huge international design firm of Aedas

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