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Edinburgh College of Art Degree Show 2009

Art School Degree Show : Heriot-Watt, Scotland

ECA Degree Show

Edinburgh College of Art Degree Shows 2009
12 – 26 Jun : Art & Design
19 Jun – 3 Jul : Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Mon – Thu 10am – 8pm; Fri – Sun 10am – 5pm
26 Jun – 3 Jul 10am – 2pm

5 – 30 Jun : University of Edinburgh Master of Architecture degree show exhibition

Two images of work by Carol Hayes, graduating this year with a Diploma in Architecture:

A new life on the water
Leith Docks
The visualisation details a block within the masterplan which addresses a new way of living on the water in the Albert Dock. The block contains a mix of 1-3 bed terrace, duplex and live/work apartments on the water, with a density of approximately 125 units/ha.

Masterplan and visualisations for Leith Docks
Leith Docks

Carol Hayes
This year I have specialised in architecture and urbanism, exploring urban design approaches to dockland development. The year included a collaboration with Dutch urban design students from the Amsterdam Academy to produce strategic concepts for dockland sites in Leith and Rotterdam.
Leith Docks became the site for my individual project, in which I identified the Water of Leith as a north/south integrator between Leith and the city centre, and explored the variety of environments unique to Edinburgh that could be created by canalising the river. Under this premise I developed a masterplan for Leith Docks and a detailed live/work scheme on the water. The exhibition describes this new vision for Leith Docks and highlights the potential for life on the water.

Edinburgh College of Art
Edinburgh College of Art Edinburgh College of Art
photos © Adrian Welch

Edinburgh College of Art award : RMJM Award for Art and Architecture

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Edinburgh School of Art at Westport
Evolution House
image © Adrian Welch

Edinburgh College of Art Talks

ECA context – Lauriston Fire Station

Edinburgh College of Art Architecture Contest
Edinburgh College of Art – RMJM Architecture Competition

Adjacent buildings include Evolution House – in 2006 Edinburgh College of Art took space in this building

Evolution House : ECA studios

Edinburgh Architecture

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle
picture © Adrian Welch

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh

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