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Edinburgh Waterfront Event : Architecture

Edinburgh Waterfront Architecture

Edinburgh Waterfront Architecture

As previously revealed exclusively on edinburgharchitecture.co.uk early in 2007 Design workshops are to be led by Archigram and AiA, as well as such influential creative minds including Will Alsop, Christophe Egret and Odile Decq.

AiA Press Release 23 Apr 2007:

Edinburgh Waterfront Unplugged!
The Edinburgh Waterfront Symposium 2007 (EWS 2007) has secured a prestigious array of ‘A’ List internationally renowned guest speakers to address a participatory programme of Lectures and Workshops as part of Architecture Week from 16th – 24th June 2007.

The aim of the event, instigated and organised by Art in Architecture (AiA) in collaboration with Archigram, is to heighten the profile of the current Waterfront development in Edinburgh, claimed by the City Council to be the largest of its kind in Europe.

Can Edinburgh raise the game to match design standards of European and international counterparts? Can Edinburgh’s internationally acknowledged historic design context influence or equate in contemporary merit to meet both the current and future requirements of a 21st Century evolving City Development plan?

A rare opportunity exists to inspire greater aspirations for Edinburgh’s New New Town and Future City, generating Big Ideas for this local Scottish project and offering the potential to raise international awareness in the development.

Agents Provocateurs and commentators on 1960s to present day design Archigram have taken Edinburgh to heart following a plea made by AiA partners, Artist Shaeron Averbuch and Urban Designer, Ross McEwan to help stimulate and raise the level of debate in order to place the focus on the design of quality environments for people to live enjoyably, and which meet their present and future needs.

All interested parties are invited to participate, intellectualise, jibe, heckle and creatively add to the Symposium’s debate, directly feeding into an array of design solution workshops for the Edinburgh Waterfront. EWS 2007 invites critical participation from the people of Edinburgh as well as the professional community and other stakeholders.

The success of this event will be measured by its ability to stretch creative solutions, as evident from the design workshops led by Archigram and AiA, as well as such influential creative minds including Will Alsop, Pete Barbour, Studio Egret West and others.

For further information on the rapidly evolving Edinburgh Waterfront Symposium 2007 Programme visit www.ews2007.co.uk

Event: Architecture Week 2007
Edinburgh Waterfront Symposium 2007
‘Old Town, New Town, New NEW Town’

Dates: 16 – 24 Jun

Venue: Ocean Point 1, Ocean Drive, Leith

Contact: Shaeron Averbuch – AiA (Art in Architecture)
Tel: 0131 555 2280
e-mail: [email protected]

Edinburgh Waterfront Symposium Invited Speakers

Edinburgh Waterfront Symposium – EWS 2007 Invited Speakers

Archigram Dennis Crompton, David Green, Mike Webb & Peter Cook, (Peter Cook is short listed to design the Olympic Stadium 2012 also designed the Kunsthalle in Gratz). All of the above mentioned members of Archigram are independently respected design professionals. Archigram are Royal Gold Medallists for their contribution to design. (All Confirmed)

Will Alsop – Architect, SMC-Alsop, (Confirmed)
Christophe Egret – Architect, Studio Egret West (also on the board of CABE) (Confirmed)
Nigel Coates, Professor of Architecture at Royal College of Art, London (Confirmed)
Kathryn Findlay, Professor of Architecture at Dundee University (Confirmed)
Sir Terry Farrell – Design Champion for Edinburgh (Confirmed)
Frank Gehry – Architect, famous for many buildings including the Guggenheim in Bilbao
Tom Wright – Signature Architect, Atkins Global and responsible for the 6 star hotel in Bahrain
Pete Barber – Architect, Pete Barber Architects, London (Confirmed)
Lebbeus Woods – Architect, New York
Odile Decq – Architect, Paris (Confirmed)
Christian Welzbacher – Architectural Journalist for A10 will talk about Berlin & Hamburg and run a Workshop (www.a10.eu) (Confirmed)
Kas Oosterhuis – Architect, Netherlands (Confirmed)
Raoul Bunschoten – Architect, Netherlands (Confirmed)
Steven Holl – Architect, New York
Michael Spens – (Confirmed)
Per Kartvedt – Architect, Oslo
Colin Ardley – Architect, UK
Claudia Taborda – Landscape Architect, Grenoble, France
Adriaan Geuze – Landscape Architect, West 8, Rotterdam, Netherlands (Thames Barrier Park)
Riccardo Marini – Architect, City of Edinburgh Design Leader (Confirmed)
Peter Wilson – Architect, UK
Elco Hoofman – Landscape Architect, Gros Max, UK
Mark Dorrian – Senior Lecturer in Architecture, Edinburgh University
Karen Forbes – Head of School in Painting at Edinburgh College of Art
Kevin McCloud – Architectural Presenter, UK
Alain de Botton – Writer
Woolfgang Sonne – Architect, University of Strathclyde
Gordon Benson – Architect, Benson and Forsyth
Doug Celland – Architect, Aire Design, UK
Roger Zogolavitch – Architect, CZWJ, (Barcelona)
Peter Calthorpe – Architect
David McKay – MBM Architects, Barcelona
Bernadetta Tagliabue – Architect, Barcelona


Sir Stuart Lipton – UK
Ken Shuttleworth – Architect, Make, UK
Charles Hammond – Forth Ports
Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh Lothian
City of Edinburgh Council
Robert Adam (Confirmed)
Andrew Burrell – Architect, BUREDI, UK
Ian Wall – BUREDI, UK


Ken Shuttleworth – Architect, Make, UK
Tony Kettle – RMJM
Robert Adam (Confirmed)
Page and Park
Lewellyn Davis

Art Commissioning and Artists

Wiard Sterk – Executive Director, Public Art Wales (formerly Director CBAT the Cardiff Bay Arts & Regeneration Agency) (18 Jun 11am Talk) (Confirmed)
Emma Geliot – Arts Council of Wales and previously of Artworks Wales.Cwaith Cymru (19 Jun 11am Talk) (Confirmed)
Matthew Lennon the Public Arts Officer for Newcastle
Anna Pepperall Arts Commissioner for Gateshead and involved with the commissioning of Anthoney Gormley’s Angel of the North.
Herve Bechy – Director of Art Public
Gordon Young – Artist, UK
Bruce McLean – Artist, UK
Ilona LÈn·rd – Artist, Netherlands (Confirmed)
Richard Harris – Artist, Wales
George Wylie – Artist, UK
Karen Forbes – Head of School in Painting at Edinburgh College of Art
Richard Demarco – Artist, The Demarco European Art Foundation, UK (Confirmed)
Charles Quick – Artist and Reader in Art in Public Places, University of Central Lancashire
Alfredo Jaar – Artist, New York

Housing Specialists
Adam Sampson – Chief Executive – Shelter
Archie Stoddart – Director of Shelter Scotland

Significant Others

Donald Anderson, Head of Leisure and Recreation City of Edinburgh Council
Keith Anderson, Waterfront Development Manager, City of Edinburgh Council
Gerry Gramms, Glasgow City Council
Ian Gilzean, Scottish Executive, Architecture Policy Unit
Raymond Young, Chair of A+DS (Architecture and Design Scotland)
Nick Barley, Director of The Lighthouse, Centre for Architecture, Design and the city, Glasgow.
Lord Provost, City of Edinburgh Council
George Newhouse, Mayor of Waverley Council, New South Wales, Australia

Scottish Natural Heritage

MSP Mark Lazarowicz (pending elections 3rd May)
MSP Rhona Brankin (pending elections 3rd May)
MSP Sarah Boyack (pending elections 3rd May)

Press & Media
George Kerevan – Journalist, Scotsman (Confirmed)
Brian Ferguson – Evening News
Leith Gazette

Paul Finch – Architectural Journalist
Hans Ibeling – Publisher, A10 magazine
Dejan Sudjic – Architectural Critic

Cockburn Society
Historic Scotland
National Trust for Scotland

Evan Davis – BBC’s Economics Editor

For more information on the evolving Edinburgh Waterfront Symposium programme refer to www.ews2007.co.uk

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At the moment AiA are unable to have the event listed as part of Architecture Week on their website as Scotland is not officially a part of Architecture Week.

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