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European Vacations That Beat Expectations

15 October 2019

Some European vacations deliver on their promise to pamper and entertain you. They have great amenities and activities and when you return home you feel like you got your money’s worth.

There are a few locations however that always seem to over deliver on your expectations. They give you everything you hoped for and somehow manage to provide even more than you thought possible. Here are a few of those places and why you should visit.

Mykonos, Greece

There are more than two dozen high end destinations around the Mediterranean Sea that attract large amounts of tourists every year.  Each has developed a world class reputation for providing the best in amenities.

The top places to visit include Cannes, St. Tropez, Barcelona, Monaco, Naples, Palermo, Cyprus, and Malta. And of course there are also the Greek Isles which are constantly at the top of the list for premium vacations in this area of Europe.

One of the Greek Isles that is known as a destination that always over delivers, is the lovely island Mykonos. Sitting part ways between Athens and Turkey in the heart of the Aegean, the island offers nearly ideal weather most of the year. The summers there are hot and breezy and the fall and spring are mild both day and night.

Mykonos is a paradise for those seeking the best in food, beaches and nightlife, It is also has beautiful exclusive hotels that sit on its most popular beaches. Here you can find the best beach hotel in Mykonos.

People come to this perfect island to get away, relax on the beach and underneath the stars, to see the amazing ancient architecture, and for lovers it represents the ideal location to remind each other why you fell in love, in the first place. All in all, Mykonos will beat your expectations.

Edinburgh Scotland

If you love beautiful green spaces, rolling hills and a city that is both modern and classical, then you should go to Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital. The city has retained its medieval old town elegance, with neoclassical architecture and many small winding streets. There is even a large castle that overlooks the city to remind you of days gone by.

There is no denying the city’s charm and beauty and its allure will keep you enchanted. But this top European city also easily provides you with the best of modern amenities as well.

If you love shopping, you can find the world’s best luxury names here, and Michelin starred restaurants as well. They reside beside the excellent local fare which might be street food served on a cart.

There is so much to do in Edinburgh, Culture abounds from museums, to art galleries, and there is even an opera. There are professional sports team playing football, rugby and cricket, Spend your time in one of the dozens of pubs and you might make some local friends who love to tell you stories about Scottish lore.

Most of all, the city is filled with green spaces that offer a respite and a place to contemplate and soak in the beauty. There are tours that you can book around the city and the surrounding areas that take you to visit the countryside, wineries and farms. Edinburgh will delight and inspire you and it will always beat your expectations.

Scottish Architecture

New Edinburgh Buildings

Charlotte Square Edinburgh New Town Square

Edinburgh New Town

Caledonian Hotel Building

Jenners Store

Scottish Parliament Building

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