Longniddry Houses, Scotland, Modern Scottish Property, Campbell Road home photos

Modernist Houses : Longniddry Property

Glassel Park – Modern Suburban Houses : Campbell Road, Longniddry, East Lothian, UK

Modern Longniddry Houses

Title: ‘Earl of Wemyss’ Modernist Houses

Location: Campbell Road, central-west Longniddry, East Lothian, Scotland

The Longniddry Houses in Winter – houses become walls, walls become houses:


Low, expansive houses mostly set behind simple white walls:

Longniddry, East Lothian
image © Adrian Welch

As part of Docomomo SNG, Zone Architects House did some research on this development, published in the Docomomo SNG report no. 5 (Mar 2003). John & Margaret Richards, who were part of the original team of masterplanners / architects call it ‘Glassel Park, Longniddry’ and you can find more information in the newsletter.

Modernist Houses, Glassel Park
image © Adrian Welch

Photos, apart from top one, taken Nov 2003

Directions: If driving from Edinburgh take the first left after the road under the railway on the right, ie drive into the heart of the village and turn off the main road past the S bend. Then, drive past the Co-op on the right and veer left: the houses are in front of you, first left but mostly second left again.

Modernist Houses, Scotland
Longniddry Houses © Adrian Welch

Southern cul-de-sac grouping – beautiful Modern suburban houses:

Longniddry Houses, East Lothian
Houses, Longniddry: © Adrian Welch

Modern houses elsewhere in East Lothian include those in Haddington at Riverside Drive: Modern Housing

Modern Edinburgh Houses, Scotland

No larger photograph:
Glassel Park
buildings image copy; Adrian Welch

Modern Architects

Scottish Capital Building Designs

Modern Edinburgh Buildings – key architectural selection below:

Scottish Provident Building
Scottish Provident
photo © Adrian Welch

National Library of Scotland
National Library of Scotland
photo © Adrian Welch

Edinburgh Houses

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