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High House Edge Non Gamstop Casino Game Bonus Bets Guide

12 Nov 2020

When it comes to winning big playing casino games, it is often the side bets that some games offer players that will give them the chance of winning much more than they could ever do on the base game.

High house edge non gamstop casino game bonus bets

However, many casino sites tend to offer such games, as whilst those side bets can award players with some huge amounts of cash, such as when placing a side bet playing Blackjack for example or when playing any Roulette game with a side or bonus bet, casinos do make a lot of money from such bets being placed by players.

That is due to those bets having some very high house edges, and therefore you will find by placing such bets repeatedly they are going to eat away at your bankroll, and will offer very little long term value, and the best strategy when laying any type of casino game in absolutely any playing environment it to keep the house edge on the game or games you are playing as low as you possibly can do.

Buying Bonus Games on Slot Machines

According to CasinoSitesHelper.com that one thing that you are going to find you can do on some slot machines but only those that are non Gamstop casinos licensed in countries other than the UK, is to pay to trigger a bonus age, rather than waiting for them to trigger in the usual way.

It will be the range of Megaways slot machines that you are going to have to track down and play if you do want to play such slots, but keep in mind that the cost of paying to trigger a bonus game can be rather high, in fact could be 100 times the base game stake amount.

The RTP of slot machines that do offer you the option of triggering the bonus game are often the same irrespective of whether you take the bonus game buy option or not, and that is something you should keep in mind at all time.

By continually taking the buy a bonus option you could quickly diminish the value of your bankroll if you do not get any decent sized winning payouts via the bonus games that you have paid to trigger, so my advice is to only take those bonus game buy option if you are tempted to take then every now and then, rather than take them repeatedly.

Playing Multi-Stake Slot Machines Online

One thing that you may be wondering about is whether the payout percentages attached and on offer on online slot machines are going to be higher over the long term when you play for a much higher coin denomination, in much the same way that land based casino slots when played for high coin denominations often have much higher long term expected payout percentages attached and on offer on them.

Well, to be perfectly honest with you, it has been found that there is often going to be no difference what so ever regarding the long term expected payout percentages that online slot machines will play out to if you play them for a high coin denomination.

Most online and mobile slot game and slot machine design will set in stone the long term expected payout percentages of every single slot machine they design and then launch and as such each slot machine will aim to payout that RTP based on players stakes versus payouts over the long term.

But what you should do is to make a point of finding out just what the payout percentages or RTP of any slot machines you fancy playing are, and most non Gamstop casino sites will list their respective slot machines RTP’s and payout percentages somewhere on their websites, or even on the pay tables or on the help files attached to each of their slot machines.

As for just which slot machines online do offer by far and away the very highest set of paybacks, well I doubt you are going to find it too hard to locate and then play slot machines offering payout percentages of 97.0%% and higher, which by the way are the slot machines you should be looking to play and avoid playing slots with a lower payout percentage that 97.00% is my advice.

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